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Belgian producer and artist Lavito shines through with his first-ever genre-bending EP, “STARDUST”

Lavito embodies a superstar, and if he isn’t one already, he’s on the brink of becoming one. Hailing from a musical family, music was his first love and an unfaltering passion he could never shake off. That’s why, after several years as a practicing banker, Lavito decided to quit to focus full-time on his music—a decision that has vindicated him; the “Dragon Slayer” hitmaker now boasts over 393K Spotify monthly listeners, millions of streams, and an Emmy award to his name. The future looks incredibly bright for this multitalented artist, who defies genre constraints and boundaries. He likes to explore, push limits, and challenge the status quo with his unique arrangements, creating music that is memorable and emotionally resonant. Buckle up and enjoy the ride, which is sure to include intricate rhythms, audacious harmonies, arresting melodies, and earth-shattering bass lines.

“STARDUST” is his debut EP as a solo artist. He goes above and beyond to take listeners on a journey that is filled with love, heartbreak, and the unavoidable feelings of hope for anyone experiencing loss.

This enchanting project is an eclectic sonic journey that transcends musical boundaries, inviting listeners on a heart-touching voyage into Lavito’s enigmatic world—truly unforgettable!

“Secrets” allures the listener like a siren from the get-go. A mellow and alluring beat, electronic cadence, exquisite synth lines, and striking bass are all present in the intro. The percussion is precise and straight to the point, spreading delightful melodies all around. The vocals are both beautiful and expressive, adding to the anthemic weight of this catchy masterpiece.

“Ridin’” features intricate synths and percussion, sawtooth bass leads, dreamy vocals, and melodic key drops that underscore the hip-hop sensibility of the jam. This song is a testament to Lavito’s capacity as a versatile artist and producer.

The melodies in “Bad Dream” are undeniably charming and inviting. The vocals are pure, squeaky clean, and sung with a crystal-clear range. This tune has left a lasting impression on me.

“Sirens” is immersive and ethereal, transporting you to a different dimension. The instrumentation is well-balanced, seamlessly blending with the earworm vocals, hitting the listener in all the right spots.

“All Night” is one of my favorites from this EP. There’s something special about this jam. The arrangement is top-notch, the execution is immaculate, and the production is flawless.

The gentle yet exceedingly expressive vocals envelop the listener in a warm embrace, and as with all the songs, Lavito showcases his ability to convey vulnerability through avant-garde musical ideas. This is a song you can listen to all day and night without it ever growing old.

The last tune, “Everything,” boasts an addicting soundscape. The music’s expert execution delightfully enhances the depth of the lyrics. The gentle yet powerful production and ear-catching performance evoke a Frank Ocean-esque vibe.

There you have it. “STARDUST” is what you’ve been waiting for; get ready to be transported to a realm of magic with Lavito’s 6-track tour de force—Lavito’s magic!

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