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Washington, DC-based hip-hop luminary LeekoMoney makes a grand return with the track “Black Truck” from his forthcoming album “Money Season”


Transcending the ordinary and the obvious, Washington, DC-based rapper and artist LeekoMoney is hip-hop royalty. His distinctive style and flair set him apart from the current market offerings, and that is one of the many things that have made him appealing to an audience that craves innovation yet values instant appeal. Prepare for an engaging auditory journey as LeekoMoney delivers a compelling narrative through music, showcasing his unmatched pen game as an unstoppable force that is tearing down doors in a unique way. He takes pride in his roots in an era of hip-hop where lyrical and beat quality were paramount. His music resonates with exceptional production and lyrical substance, transporting us to a realm where he transforms every experience into universally appealing melodies.

LeekoMoney is gearing up for the release of his new album, “Money Season” which has been inspired by the grit and determination to make it and leave the dream. This album is a blend of grit and grace, showcasing the transformative power of hip-hop music to tell relatable stories that are empowering as well as entertaining.

The jam “Black Truck” is a single off the upcoming album and one that has been turning heads since it dropped. Dripping with a hard thrill, the instrumentation here exudes such infectious energy setting the stage for LeekoMoney’s lyrical prowess.

Showcasing such effortless cadence and a smart pen game marked by sophisticated flows, clever lines, and complex lyrics, LeekoMoney hits the nail on the head with the intellectual firepower he unleashes, blending some braggadocios and meaningful rhymes together with effortless ease.

Another standout aspect of this track is its powerful bass. It’s the kind that shakes the very organs inside your body and rattles the floor. This irresistible beat is best experienced at a high volume, thanks to the trap-flavored hi-hats, percussion, and samples.

“Black Truck,” an epic banger by any measure, is now available for your listening pleasure. Try it out and let us know how you feel.


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