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Award-winning producer, composer, and guitarist Les Fradkin is set to release a new anthem, “Come Fly To Fall In Love”

The name Les Fradkin needs little introduction; he is an award-winning music composer, producer, and savvy guitarist. At the heart of his sonic palette lies a blend of genres, weaving together blues, country, rock, and folk influences into a captivating tapestry of sound. With each composition, he delves deep into the essence of roots music while infusing it with a modern flair, resulting in a repertoire that speaks directly to the soul. His impressive discography thus far is a testament to his commitment to authenticity and emotional depth.

With his musical band California that he fronts, Les Fradkin is gearing up for the release of a brand new single dubbed “Come Fly To Fall In Love.” And like his ever-expanding fanbase has come to expect, he does not disappoint with this tune, packing an appropriate punch in a track that is catchy and infectious.

Spanning indie rock, this masterpiece is unforgettable, and the memorable lyrics make it a sing-along anthem that is engaging and one that stays with its listener long after the final notes fade away.

That shimmering blend of the guitars, bass, drums, and keys provides a captivating backdrop, delightfully complementing Les Fradkin’s unmistakable vocals as he sings with an intense passion, capturing the thematic essence of the song with effortless ease.

I can still feel that chorus playing in my head even as I write this. And do you know what that means? That “Come Fly To Fall In Love” is a golden composition with a timeless appeal.

This is such an exciting addition to Les Fradkin’s already striking catalog and a song that will serve to elevate his global status further.

To know more about Fradkin and experience his music, check out his official website,


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