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Switzerland-Based Songwriter Lily Amis and London-Based Producer Thir13een Collaborate on “My Vision” for Charity Awareness Campaign

Based out of Switzerland, Lily Amis’ creative career spans multiple disciplines; she is a songwriter, blogger, and lyricist. She is also involved in charity, especially with two causes that have been dear to her heart: CBM SWISS and SMILE TRAIN. When it comes to her music, she likes to write about positive things in life, with her mission to not only entertain but also inspire, empower, and challenge her listeners to be the best versions of themselves. Having worked and interacted with disabled persons in her various charity missions, she has always witnessed their relentless work ethic and determination to do more, their resilient spirit, and their indefatigable personalities. That is why she advocates for active involvement, especially from healthy and physically able individuals.

Her latest track, “My Vision,” is an awareness song for both charities, CBM SWISS and SMILE TRAIN, featuring British producer, composer, and vocalist Thir13een, who brings depth to the song’s meaningful lyrics.

The depth of the lyricism is delightfully complemented by the dexterous execution of the music. The tune starts with a spoken word-like lyrical style as Thir13een invites a listener before the catchy, smooth, and R&B-fueled blend of rhythm and melody warms itself up for the listener.

Thir13een glides over the rhythm with his luscious and flavorful vocals, giving this tasty jam its life. His emotive vocals and impeccable flows accentuate the weight of his words.

The message behind the lyrics is even more fulfilling. This is an ode to all those disabled persons, or, as we can refer to them, those who are abled differently, who live life to the fullest, are always happy, and are content despite their physical and sometimes mental disorders.

This is a timely reminder for everyone to be grateful for what they have and be alive to other people’s needs, especially the disabled people amongst us. We should be able to do more for them, recognize and love them, interact with them, and just be human with them. This is a call to humanity to do better and be better. It’s also a call for love and unity despite our ethnic, religious, or race differences.

The proceeds from this track are expected to go to these charities and help orphans, deaf people, and the blind, as well as reach out to all those children suffering in various parts of the world and give them a reason to smile.

To support this altruistic cause, visit the Lily Amis website at, where you can contribute or assist in various ways.

Also, stream “My Vision”, add it to your playlist, and share it with friends, family, and strangers. It has already amassed more than 6K Spotify streams in a short period and can do much more with your support!


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