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Trailblazing pop-country and rap sensation Livvy D showcases her tremendous eclectic appeal with “Take A Number CLUB REMIX”


A trailblazer in the truest sense of the word, musical prowess Livvy D emerges as a sonic wanderer, a musical explorer blending the storytelling panache of country with infectious pop rhythms and the uniqueness of rap for a sound that has been acclaimed by both fans and critics. She’s got that magnetic stage presence; her charisma is palpable, and her confidence is one to match, earned through her artistic journey. Her rural upbringing, shaped by experiences on a horse farm in Virginia and coupled with an equally diverse musical upbringing, has been openly embraced by listeners across the globe.

“Take A Number CLUB REMIX” is a showcase of Livvy D’s limitless creativity and versatility, not only as a storyteller but also as a performer. This is one of those jams one falls in love with from just one listen, thanks to its dazzling beats and skilful execution.

As you dive into the song, the electronic fusion of pop influences becomes a harmonic dance, where the electronic cadence meets the driving melodies, sawtooth synths, and echoes of bass lines, backed by 2000’s EDM nostalgia, creating an auditory experience that defies conventions.

Each note of “Take A Number” is an attestation of Livvy D’s musical odyssey, encapsulating a mood that defies genres and inviting listeners to join in the exploration. This is quite the rhythmic escapade that you can never get enough of.

Livvy D’s rap verses in this CLUB REMIX are powerful and dynamic, showcasing her innovative finesse in blending spoken word with the rhythm. Her rapping style adds a unique layer to the song, making it stand out in today’s music scene.

Complementing this audial masterpiece is the visually striking music video, which is just as powerful and eye-catching to keep you grounded from the first minute to the last one!

A banging masterpiece that boosts any playlist it is placed in, “Take A Number CLUB REMIX” is now ripe for your consumption!

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