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Through the enchanting notes of “Hold On”, up-and-coming songstress Lizzy Donzis emotionally uplifts and empowers

With the overarching aim of achieving the best result for her music, Los Angeles-based budding singer-songwriter Lizzy Donzis designs songs like they were created for musical theater and she’s just acting; – her debut single, “Crazy” is a shining example of that. This vibrant, catchy, and contagious tune that is as uncontainable as it is memorable has introduced Lizzy to a fascinated fan base that seems to have been waiting for her arrival all along. This songbird is the most enticing of propositions—a rising songwriting talent intent on telling it precisely like it is. Charismatic, funny, and endlessly relatable, this empowering singer is already breathing new life into the classic rock industry with her genuine compositions.

Taking a slight departure from the feel-good, wildly vibrant, and happy-go-lucky mood of her debut single, her second single “Hold On” is cheerful yet contained with a deeply sentimental theme at its heart that is meant to empower and uplift anyone struggling to fit in this world and who is feeling a little weighed down by the pressure to conform to societal norms, sacrificing themselves and their happiness in the process.

This is a track to listen to when you need a reminder that life is a process. It can be uncomfortable at times, but in turn, it makes you stronger, resilient, driven, focused, and sometimes down, frustrated, depressed, and alone, despite all that, we come out shining.

With a big chorus, strikingly powerful guitars, and rock-fueled percussive bravado, “Hold On” is a must-have for a music lover. Lizzy’s voice that is bold, expressive, and emotion-driven voice is ideal for the genre, as she proves that this is much more than music; this is art and a form of storytelling.

A deeply relevant and relatable body of work with excellent production, outstanding execution, and a unique lyrical narrative, “Hold On” is ear candy by any measure of the word.

Already streaming on all the popular platforms, how about you follow the link below, stream and save this tune to your playlist, and share it widely.

Lizzy is also gearing up for the release of her debut EP which is expected to be released very soon—a project rooted in her artistic growth, versatility, and authenticity!

Follow Lizzy on her official Instagram page to be part of this trailblazing music odyssey and catch her live performances and gigs all over Los Angeles- her next live show is scheduled for September 5, 2023 and is not one to miss!


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