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Rapper, author, and CEO, LJGOLD, is set to release his self-titled album, “LJGOLD”.

LJGOLD is not only a rapper but an artist and a storyteller who tugs at listeners’ heartstrings with his relatable narratives and catchy melodies. A modern-day raconteur, LJGOLD draws from his journey, transitioning from rock-bottom to becoming a self-made achiever. Making waves in both the music and business worlds, he aims to demonstrate to his listeners the transformative power of unwavering commitment. His fascinating and inspiring musical expedition extends beyond the studio. He has worked with and shared the stage with an impressive roster of artists, including Gucci Mane, Kehlani, HER and Tony Toni Tone, amongst many others.

With four studio albums already out, LJGOLD is gearing up for the release of his fifth, which is self-titled. And like he says on one of the tracks “Motel 6”, this album isn’t just about rap—it’s about real life. He delves deep into the creative process to give us his stories untold, using his own voice. That’s what makes this project one to anticipate.

The fan-favorite track, “Get the Bag” featuring Young Jr., is included. This is one of those jams that has gone on to receive widespread critical acclaim from fans, critics, and contemporaries alike. An ode to street hustle, its beats captivate listeners instantly. The intricate wordplay, memorable hook, and masterful flows make this a worthy addition to any rap playlist.

“Motel 6” is another bona fide standout that sees LJGOLD tell his story of making it from the bottom, where it was do or die. Basically, it was only for the strong to survive, which meant he relentlessly forged his own path, and his being here is a huge testament to his hard work, resilience, courage, and mental strength. The beat here is really hypnotic, and that powerful hook is where the gist of the tune resides.

“Twerk” is an ideal club banger and one that sets the mood for any occasion and gets your spirits up as LJGOLD showcases his other ‘playful’ side because, like everyone else, we also need time to play after all the hard work we put in!

“No Days Off” is marked by its powerful bass centered around the 808, intensifying with every beat. LJGOLD slides through this slapping beat with such confidence and charisma, with lyrics that explore work, work, and more work!

“LJGOLD” will officially debut on October 27, 2023. I can confidently say it is worth the wait and is one of those next-level projects from LJGOLD.

Make sure you follow him on every platform and listen to his authentic music on major platforms while we await what promises to be the project of the year.

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