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Rapper London Lorin Gives a Breathtaking Glimpse of His Rap Skills With New Album “Ghetto Testimony 2”

Musicians with a lot of life experiences have always found solace in the warm embrace of the highly expressive and approachable form of hip hop. London Lorin, is a rising American hip hop artist who has made history with his incredibly poignant and communicative lyrical ballads. His most recent release “Ghetto Testimony 2” showcases his vocal versatility that is the cornerstone of his success. Via its sublime lyrical plot, “Ghetto Testimony 2” provides a sense of familiarity that is sure to resonate with many.

Experimenting with a variety of thematic components, the prolific rapper has created a wondrous soundscape that is a genius blend of wavy trap and hip hop groove. His compositions’ distinct rhythmic flow is orchestrated through progressive arrangements and chord structures. The eloquent and unique melodies are ethereal enough to transport the viewer to another acoustic world brimming with unrivaled sounds and textures. The expressive artist not only ignites the compositions with his breathtaking vocal performances but also hypnotizes the listeners with his exceptional expressive songwriting.



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