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Broward County alternative hip-hop artist, longsleeveunder, debuts his EP, “Green Eyed Spitta,” showcasing his artistic growth and versatility.

Representing Broward County to the fullest is alternative hip-hop and rap artist longsleeveunder who comes through with an unmatched pen game, replete with wit, masterful flows, and wise perspectives. He holds such a strong presence over any beat, exuding charisma and confidence, and he does not really feel the need to conform to genre rules or boundaries; he is as versatile as it gets, and with each release, he proves his dynamism and boundless creativity both as a songwriter and performer.

“Green Eyed Spitta” is his debut EP, a 3-track collection that sees longsleeveunder take the listener on a journey into his world. There are rhymes that showcase his fierce personality, while others display the softer, vulnerable side of an ordinary person who is not immune to life’s adversities.

It is this personal feel around the EP that makes it deeply relatable—through each track, listeners can find their own relatability. And it is this kind of personal appeal that has been lacking in so many artists’ music, making this a must-have for all music lovers. He worked with producer Andrew Toto on all the tracks, with this ingenious producer laying the perfect bedrock for his first-rate delivery.

The opening track “I CHOSE YOU” is luxuriously stylish; there is a lot going on in terms of production that makes it easy to get completely lost in the music as longsleeveunder takes you on a lyrically educative tour with his stunning lyrical invention and erudite bars in a rhythmically mesmerizing fashion.

I like how this production is a perfect fit with his delivery. This is the kind of performance that provokes thoughts and imagery in your mind thanks to the vivid lyricism the artist deploys. This is a stunning highlight of the artist’s storytelling ability and also proves that hip hop is much more than the music; this is an outlet for creative expression and a form of storytelling!

The second track “GET RIGHT” sees longsleeveunder take the listener through his growth, from growing up in his hometown to the artist he is now, who is on another level and cannot be compared to anyone else. His delivery is punchline-heavy with a thought-provoking concoction of provocative rhymes, scholarly bars, and freakish cadences.

Like a dual-clutch transmission, he swiftly and effortlessly lands each sick verse and bar with such artful ferocity. I feel this track is the best representation of longsleeveunder’s lyrical ability.

The last track, “CAN’T STOP” is a blissful combination of hard-hitting and emotional, with longsleeveunder taking the listener into his life, where there have been triumphs and adversities in equal measure. He comes off as the comforting one and the pillar of strength that other family members lean on during difficult times.

He unleashes a top-drawer performance that has everything: first-rate lyricism, impact, cadence, flow, and style.

In its entirety, “Green Eyed Spitta” is a showcase of longsleeveunder’s artistic growth and development; he is now pouring more of himself out with his music, and this project is shining proof of that.

This is a next-level project for him as he seeks to leave an indelible mark on the music industry, one project at a time.

This is how to build a legacy and get the world to listen. For any fan of any and all forms of hip hop and rap, there is something for you in this project that is now streaming everywhere.

To feel the vibe and add this music to your summer playlist, follow the attached link. Don’t enjoy this musical gem alone, share it with friends and family!

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