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Annapolis-based pop and R&B artist LTB is back with a captivating and empowering new single titled “Slow Down”

LTB is a swiftly emerging pop and R&B artist who is appreciated for his depth and maturity in expressing deep emotions and sensitivity in his music. He has been compared to legends’ voices due to his diverse old-school powerhouse vocal range, stunning vibrato, and unmistakable organic storytelling style. He combines all of this with his warm charismatic personality, powerful, courageous attitude, and readiness to convey vulnerability through his avant-garde musical ideas to create some timeless classics that keep fans coming back for more, and his stature in the music industry is rising by the day.

LTB returns with an enchanting, deeply inspirational, and uplifting pop masterpiece dubbed “Slow Down” that is full of emotionally charged lyrics and melodies, strongly capturing a theme of collective self-empowerment at its core.
The little things in life often come with the hardest challenges to overcome. It is more important now than ever to remember that we are only humans. So, take a breath and slow down—in the end, we will survive.

This deeply meaningful message has been delivered with that unmistakable, indescribably beautiful, and rich vibrato tone as LTB glides through the track with finesse, getting to the heart of the song and exuding such effortless and authentic delivery.

To say that this tune hits closer to home feels like an understatement, even though that’s exactly what happens. I love the choice of instrumentation: vibrant, catchy, and infectious, providing that captivating backdrop that appealingly complements LTB’s spotlight-stealing and exceedingly expressive vocals.

An animated lyric video for the song is also available on YouTube and is well worth watching.

With “Slow Down”, LTB has showcased his constant evolution from an outlier perspective as he unlocks another creative renaissance and amazingly lets us into his beautiful world of wonder…where inspiration like this resides!

Check out the link below to stream and add “Slow Down” to your playlist, and share this uplifting message with friends and family who deserve such inspiration.


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