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American-based Latino artist and rapper LUI releases his biggest project so far, dubbed “Graduation: The American Dream”

LUI’s story thus far is one that embodies the phrase’ grass to grace’- growing up, this champ didn’t experience a fancy or luxurious childhood or an easy start in life seeing that he was born into poverty and raised in the slums of Peru before his parents decided to migrate into the USA in search of a better life. Though he was rebellious as a child and teenager growing up, flirting with danger on the streets and getting caught up with bad company, he soon turned it around, weaving his parents influence into his life to become a better man. His parents have always instilled in him the virtues of discipline and hard work; he was raised on values of kindness and an ethos of inclusivity, and now as a musician, his music drives positive vibes.

It got worse for him before it got better when his mom succumbed to cancer shortly after he graduated high school. And as you’ll come to realize, his mom was his biggest cheerleader, someone who has always believed in him and who has always wanted LUI to make a better life for himself and achieve all of his dreams.

This back story is very important because his latest EP “Graduation: the American Dream” is rooted in LUI’s inspiring life story, from the time he migrated to the USA, the experiences growing up, his parents divorcing, his mom dying, and him turning to his first love, music, to change his life. From the moment he was gifted his first guitar by his mom, he instantly knew he had found his calling.

With an innate ability to craft emotionally charged songs, music is much more than a hobby to LUI; this is his lifeline and the best creative outlet that allows him to speak his mind when words fail.

With this 6-track EP, LUI proves that he is much more than just a rapper; he is an artist- packing such a powerful punch in his quintessential English and Spanish rhymes. Every track offers something different, a huge testament to his versatility and limitless creativity as a musician and storyteller…and that cover art is dope and stands out—the perfect art to depict such an impressive EP and the inspiration behind it!

Let’s talk about “It’s a Mood”- my god, I can’t get enough of this track. I love everything about it: the guitar harmonies, LUI’s impassioned vocals, and the addicting vibe it gives off. This tune remains stuck in its listener’s head long after it is no more. This is such a lovely and lively ballad that it makes you want to dance next to the beach or something. Those guitar melodies are something else—pure perfection if you ask me.

“Mota” is a masterclass in Latin Trap; this track boasts a heavy beat built around powerful 808s and features sawtooth bass that rattles the floor, hi-hats, drums, synths, and other signature Trap melodies backed by LUI’s immensely expressive vocals as he rides the beat like a jet-ski, unleashing masterful and unorthodox flows, seamlessly transitioning from one verse to the next like a seamless dual-clutch transmission.

The wisdom unleashed on “This Aint for the Basics” speaks volumes of the level of showmanship LUI possesses, which is beyond his years. He drops jewels here, and you can feel through the intricate wordplay, thought-provoking bars, and wise perspectives that this comes from the deepest part of his life; this is his life…this is music!

With “Love Understand Inspire”, LUI proves that he is a proficient singer as much as a rapper in a tune brimming with emotion-drenched hopeful revelations. This tune is an affirmation of his love for music, which represents his life. He’s determined to make all his dreams a reality and make all the people who believed in him proud, including his parents. This is a self-empowering tune for anyone needing that extra motivation to face life head-on!

“Rich Made” is an outstanding tribute to his late mom with some creatively referential rhymes of LUI’s biggest believer and cheerleader, who I know is looking down on him and couldn’t be prouder of her son, who is defying the odds and achieving milestones, one day at a time!

All I can say is thanks to LUI for dropping something that transcends the music itself; these are life lessons packaged nicely as songs and performed with the utmost grace and authenticity.

So, as you stream “Graduation: the American Dream”, remember this is not just the music; this is real life told through LUI’s lenses. Let the music empower, uplift, and inspire you because it’ll certainly entertain you!

Streaming globally on major platforms, this project has garnered widespread acclaim and is rapidly nearing the 50K stream mark. You know the drill; follow the link below and let all your friends and their friends know that the project of the year is here!

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