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London-based rapper and artist M.E.L.O V.i.b.e.s transports you into his world with his latest offering, “Intro to Insanity”

Going uniquely by the stage moniker M.E.L.O V.i.b.e.s, his self-made acronym for (My Energy Lives Once – Vibrating intellect by emanating sounds), this London-based artist exudes a star aura that you can’t really find anywhere else. Hearing him sing and rap—two creative styles that he spans with effortless ease—I couldn’t help but notice how uniquely different his voice sounds. It is the kind of voice that really stands out. The kind you listen to once, and it stays with you forever. In a way, his voice reminded me of the Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie. When it comes to M.E.L.O, he does not let genres and styles dictate his artistry; no, he likes to explore, to tap into uninhibited waters and territories, and to come with a sound and strength of his own. As such, his style spans multiple influences from rap, R&B, pop, afrobeats, amapiano, soul, and other exotic sounds. This is one, among many reasons, why you should consider lending your ear to him…he’s got more than a lot to offer—trust me on this one!

M.E.L.O returns with a new album titled “Intro to Insanity”- a 9-track project that delves deep into his own reflections on past relationships, usual trends, and repetitive cycles. As the saying goes, ‘Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.’

The music here is a blend of everything. M.E.L.O has ensured there is something for everyone, which is commendable. Let’s dive right into it and see what this musical wizard has to offer.

“Wait for Me” is a compelling collaboration featuring phenomenally gifted vocalist MoL1y, an artist who features a lot in this album. This track has a groovy, catchy, and upbeat beat that is Afrobeats inspired. M.E.L.O seamlessly blends rap and singing with subtle confidence, unleashing a concoction of thought-provoking and sensual rhymes. MoL1y adds to the track’s broad appeal with her R&B-iced vocals. I love the way they come together to deliver the hook, their voices blending as if they have been lifelong musical partners. This is such a quality jam.

“Suspension” has an infectious beat that makes you want to get up and dance along. The guest artist Nola Muu captivates with the opening hook, setting the stage for M.E.L.O’s agile flow that resonates with the track’s theme. The Afrobeats melodies provide a captivating backdrop, delightfully complementing both artists’ spotlight-stealing vocals as they transport us to a world where love is brimming.

“First Time Home” features some soul influences over the subtly fast-paced beat. The track gets off with that enchanting hook, setting the scene for M.E.L.O who slides with his rap-fluid flows, melding with the beat seamlessly. As always, the guest vocalist MoL1y injects the tune with that irresistible R&B vibe and exudes such indestructible chemistry with M.E.L.O. This track feels like a beat from yesteryear dragged and made to fit in the modern world, and it is sensational!

“Main & Sides” has quite the bubbly beat, and M.E.L.O effervescently rides it, fizzing through like some chemical reaction over water, showcasing his limitless creativity and versatility both as a storyteller and a performer. Hats off! I liked his rapid-fire flows and the unforgettable hook!

“Tribe” featuring rap emcee CONXEPT has such a chilled soundscape that hits the listeners in the feels. M.E.L.O makes the most of this beat, sliding through like he was 6LACK or something. He gets at the heart of the jam masterfully. The guest rapper does well to complement the track with his own scene-stealing bars.

“Same Song” is an undeniable anthem. The guitar intro is charming and inviting. M.E.L.O immediately makes his presence heard, riding the guitar melodies warmly, backed by some incredibly sounding background vocals. The deep, futuristic beat is then let loose, but the background guitar harmonies still permeate. I honestly cannot imagine this track without those guitar tones.

On another episode of M.E.L.O x MoL1y, the track “Thinkin Bout You” sees the duo take us to Afro and Amapiano land. It’s already an established fact that the two of them have such incredible chemistry, and this tune further demonstrates that. This is the kind of banger that is enjoyed at maximum volume.

If this album hasn’t convinced you yet, it’s time to take a closer listen and discover what you might be missing.

Listen to and add this new hit to your playlist via the link provided. Stay updated on M.E.L.O V.i.b.e.s’s creative endeavors by following him on all platforms.

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