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Upcoming Country Girl Maddy Lee Ann From Orlando Debuts Her Single, “Numb” on All Streaming Platforms

Maddy Lee Ann is a stunning actor and a country music singer/songwriter hailing from Orlando, Florida. This 18-year-old started acting at 14 and since she has always possessed an insatiable passion for music, she feels it’s the right time she also makes her stamp musically by telling her own stories using her voice in the best way she can. Influenced by country music she is not necessarily limited as you will grasp from her debut single, “Numb” with inspiring signs to fit perfectly in any kind of instrumentation.

She really wants to draw from her own teen life to express her feelings by vividly storytelling through raw lyrics backed by catchy melodies and that is undoubtedly the case in her single, “Numb” which she co-wrote with Pete Masitti. She draws from her own reflection of raw emotions for the last four years which really hasn’t been easy- the loss of friendships, fear of school shootings, COVID pandemic and other external pressures that can overwhelm anyone and moreso a teenager!

Sometimes these calamities and pressures bombard people over and over again and they albeit unknowingly become indifferent to these feelings; “Numb” is the anthem to remind us not to allow ourselves to go to the extent of becoming numb. Emotionally relatable and delivered with such a burning passion, this is a straight favorite I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone.

The dialogue at the intro between the acoustic guitar and the drums gets the thing going before her sweet-talking, country-inspired voice powerfully breathes life into this deeply resonant narrative. She utilizes the quintessential storytelling niche associated with country before culminating in a beautifully vivacious and emotionally pulling chorus that exhibits flavorful nuances of pop rock in instrumentation.

Once she starts singing, “how did I get so numb…” then you are completely submerged as she faultlessly displays her innate vocal control ability by matching the intensity as her naturally expressive vocals maintain the appeal this track carries. For a start, this is genuinely commendable and the only sad thing is that the track finally ends!

Very catchy, this has to be your favorite country anthem and if you have been looking for a spark to rescue you from the worldly adversities that weigh you down, just push the play button and magically watch as Maddy Lee Ann wipes away all your worries and fills you with renewed hope!

In as far as acting is concerned Maddy Lee Ann has an upcoming Christian project called, “Always a Winner” that will be released April 2023, so stay tuned for that.

To listen and add her debut track, “Numb” as a favorite now; follow the attached link, and don’t forget to share it with friends, family and strangers. The future looks so bright for Maddy Lee Ann and I honestly cannot wait to hear about her next project.

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