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Sacramento-based songbird Madilyn Mackensie’s new single “Light” embodies profound power and emotion!

With a heavenly and ear-worming voice, where the gist of her artistry resides, Madilyn Mackensie writes her music from a place of both tenderness and strength; wearing her heart on her sleeve, she taps into her vulnerability to ensure that she creates that genuine connection with her listener. Listening to her music is like opening the pages of her personal diary. While she just started writing music last year, she has played the guitar for over a decade and is seeking to make her mark on the music industry, one song at a time, with the hope of achieving her overarching ambition: to inspire, empower, and entertain.

Delivered with such a sentimental tone, Madilyn’s new jam titled “Light” hits the listener right in the heart, and the textbook storytelling approach adopted allows a listener to find their own personal connections with the lyrics.

The gently plucked guitar sets the tone for this blissful song and provides the perfect bed of support for Madilyn’s angelic and emotion-drenched vocals to flourish. Her voice is soft and gentle yet powerful, with an incredible range, and when she sings, you can tell it is from the heart.

Mellow and laid-back for most parts, there is also that cinematic tone added as the song progresses with the keyboard before eventually going back to its quintessential laid-back feel before reaching the climax.

At the song’s heart is that unforgettable chorus that will remain stuck in your brain long after the song is gone, and that’s how you know this is a golden composition.

Borrowing from her own experiences with suffering from a lack of self-worth and authenticity where she found herself wanting to please others, giving her power away to other people, and generally conforming to other people’s ideas and opinions of her, this song is an ode to reclaiming that power and finally seeing the Light. This is her taking back that light and the start of a new story of her life.

To stream and save this new jam, follow the link below and share it widely.


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Founder of Tunepical, a blog dedicated to sharing my love of music with you. I believe that music is the key to life, and if you're listening to the right songs at the right time, everything is possible!

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