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Washington-based hip hop vet Markham Traks delivers a “SOLID” 10 performance!

Markham Traks is one of the best conscious rappers I have come across- you know we may talk about the old school hip-hop sound like it was eons ago but Traks has been able to cultivate a similar version of that sound and delivers it just like you’d imagine it; powerful and in a lyrically versatile way, he is bringing that rare and unique sound of the 90s and early 00s and giving it a modern-day twist to appeal to both the old school and the new school rap enthusiasts. His matchless delivery on “Subliminal” is still stuck in my head, and I feel like the hip-hop community has been sleeping on this ingenious talent… it’s about that time he received his flowers because talent like this, these days is simply rare and far in between!

Taking over from where he left off, Markham Traks is again in his quintessential beast mode as he goes on to slay the nostalgic beats in “SOLID” like a lyrical dragon, burning everything down with his fierce display, yet so calmly and confidently. You can tell that this is his favorite stamping ground!

No side-shows; he just takes on the beats and goes on a fulfilling lyrical mission in his confident demeanor, giving a listener a fulfilling dose that keeps them awake and aware of the presence of a legend in the making before them!

This is the kind of rap music you want to listen to and really underscores his experience in the game; he has been doing this for over a decade now. His sharp trill of words, command, and versatility are all clear for anyone to experience. This is what a 10/10 performance looks like- no cap, this is just perfect distillation of impeccable rap artistry and there can never be any debates about it whatsoever!

If you were fearing for the death of hip hop, there is no need to worry anymore; Markham Traks is here to annihilate those fears with a “SOLID” performance, as this confirms that he indeed is the real deal!

To experience hip-hop music at its finest, follow the attached link, subscribe to Markham Traks’ YouTube channel, like this release, and add this banger to your playlist. Sharing it with rap purists is also in service of its well-deserved acclaim!

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