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Producer artist Marques Spraggs hits us up with an epic “Levels Up (Instrumental)” EP.

In a field where the role of producers has been somewhat undervalued, I always feel that the producers too deserve their flowers. If anything, magical producers like Metro Booming (young metro) have proved that this is a field that really defines hit anthems that go on to top the charts. For one Marques Spraggs, music has always been his home and the thing he has identified with the most ever since he was young. He fed himself endless records from some of his favorite artists, which continued to ignite that spark in him, and when he became of age, he decided it was about time he got to fuel his passion by transforming it into something better. He is now an emerging producer and artist with a penchant for engineering music by tapping into his craftsmanship to engineer fascination in its rawest and purest form!

A 5-track masterpiece from head to toe, “Levels Up (Instrumentals)” speaks to you even without the words being spoken. It’s really one of those instrumentals that hits deep in a way that resonates incredibly with any listener.

I mean, I can still hear those beats in “Journey” playing over my head long after I last played it—such organization, such depth of craft, and such sublime virtuosity to deliver a soundtrack that hits closer to home and inspires a certain kind of feeling you never knew existed!

There is a ‘feel-good’ type of vibe that you get off “Pre-Game” and which you will recognize immediately when the beats kick in. And can I mention how I like the approach to “Approach”? Such a deft arrangement to arrive at something that feels genuinely brand new!

Hypnotic is what those instrumentals in “World Down” are, and I like the soulful intro to “Reconcile” which lays the perfect foundation for this masterpiece to thrive, and once it does, you can never escape its soulful nature…it is embedded in its blood!

This is what talent feels like as Marques Spraggs manages to pack this performance out of the park in a manner you’re likely to never forget, and because you deserve this, I am going to attach the link to this authentic masterpiece and hope you enjoy it as much as Marques Spraggs did when creating it!

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