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Punk-Rap Artist Matthew Nino Azcuv (MNA) Pays Tribute to the Golden Age of Rap and Rock with His EP “One Girl”

MNA embodies the essence of rap and punk with his captivating melodies and intellectual firepower. His musical journey began early, immersing him in the timeless sounds of ’90s and early 2000s rap and rock music from some of his favorite artists and groups. This early exposure and intrigue instilled in him a deep appreciation for the power of music to evoke emotion and inspire connection. He is someone who refuses to stand still and is always looking ahead of the curve, challenging the status quo, and establishing himself as more than just an ordinary artist.

“One Girl” is a 5-track EP that was inspired by the golden age of rap, emo, and pop-punk. This is a thrilling homage to the sounds of the 1990s and early 2000s, paying tribute to the rap and rock artists who inspired MNA while forging his own path with a fresh and innovative approach to music-making. The EP offers a captivating fusion of energetic rap flows, lyrical depth, and versatility, infectious pop-punk melodies, dynamic instrumentation, high-energy performances, and genre-bending creativity. Let’s go!

The opener, “Toxic Girl” features some deep, melancholic lyrics; a huge testament to the power of rap music to tell stories and capture raw emotions. The lyrics, rich in substance, appear to stem from a deeply personal place, which makes this track resonate with such emotional depth. MNA’s verses showcase his skill as a rapper as he seamlessly blends some intricate wordplay, clever metaphors, and thought-provoking rhymes and still manages to come off heartfelt. You can feel the raw emotions of pain and hurt in his performance, and that’s what’s special about this powerful jam.

“Through The City” hits a listener right in the nostalgia thanks to the crisp, polished, and stripped-back production that provides a captivating backdrop for MNA’s scene-stealing vocals and bars. His style exudes maturity, experience, confidence, and mastery of his craft. This is a performance by someone who knows what they are doing and does not miss one bit—taking a listener on a lyrical journey and making them feel like they are on a night tour across a bright and quiet city. The closing lines, “sometimes we forget just how good it can be” are very powerful if you think about them.

The title track is catchy, infectious, and memorable as MNA flexes his singing muscles and showcases his versatility at the same time. This jam has been infused with infectious energy and features a sing-along chorus that sticks in the listener’s head long after the music stops. The way he sings and raps, and vice versa, is why he is no ordinary act.

“Shadows of My Mind” captures the essence of pop-punk with its dynamic vibrancy and that high-octane tapestry of riffs and drums that set the tone before MNA slides in with that rap finesse. The melodies are instantly memorable and irresistibly catchy, and the rapid-fire verses and sing-along hooks make this an undeniable anthem that leaves a lasting impression on a listener.

The final track, ‘Summer Girl,’ combines the raw power of rock guitars with the groove of hip-hop beats, creating this dynamic blend of aggressive riffs and driving rhythms, adding depth and texture to the overall track. MNA brings an electrifying energy, channeling the raw intensity and passion of both rap and rock. The end result is an adrenaline-fueled masterpiece that leaves a listener craving more.

With “One Girl,” MNA embraces the spirit of experimentation and innovation, pushing the boundaries of genre conventions as he blends hip-hop and pop-punk in unexpected and intriguing ways.

Bringing the best elements of hip-hop, roc”k, and emo, MNA has created a truly eclectic, distinctive, and dynamic sound that deserves critical acclaim.




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