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Agustin Maruri’s own ingenuity around the iconic Maurice Ravel Pavane pour une infante défunte is quite simply astonishing.

Pioneers like Maurice Ravel proved that music could be enjoyed in various forms since the early 20th century, going on to inspire generations after them, and one of them is the music composer and virtuosic orchestrator Agustin Maruri, who has gone on to astonish the world with his level of compositional skills and adroit execution that is second to none. He has performed in notable venues across the world, winning critical acclaim at every stop, and his music has amassed stream numbers in the hundreds of thousands. He is revered not only for his tasteful music, which has garnered him over 10K Spotify monthly listeners, but also for his passion for creating music that exceeds expectations and ultimately propels the entire classical music composition industry forward.

He took what was previously there with Maurice Ravel’s “Pavane pour une infante défunte” and by adding his own unique twists, came up with an inexpressibly beautiful composition that is hard to describe but easy to listen to.

The gentle embrace of the guitar tones wraps the listener in a warm embrace, transporting them to different realms where quietude resides, allowing one to savor the just over five-minute piece of freedom and solitude that your heart craves.

Such guitar picking is extraordinary; there are extremely special emotions that the melodies exude. They speak even more than words can. The touch reaches depths that surgical equipment cannot. The music just lets you escape from reality into its own world, a world both peaceful and brimming with love.

To scratch your musical itch with this andante classical piece playing, consider pausing your current activities and explore the link below to savor this listening experience to the fullest!

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