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Max Ayeza’s Latest Ballad, “Why Do You” Is Now Available for Streaming Everywhere!

Max Ayeza Why Do You

Emerging multifaceted singer and songwriter Max Ayeza who hails from Manila has been cultivating a fluid singing style inspired by her own artistic greatness and gift of turning emotions into indescribably beautiful melodies with near-universal appeal. Ever since the “Childstar” bad she was in was disbanded, her career as a solo act has been nothing but a swift success with the songs she has released so far a reflective collection that demonstrate her growth as an up-and-coming pop artist. She is now on her expedition to superstardom with the help of her husband, Aaron who assists in production and composition.

Her latest single, “Why Do You” is a classic and affecting tune that fits a modern pop tempo right from the intro. Its sobering melodic spark colored in cutting-edge stylistic influence over the beats with some eclectic inflections is the near-perfect attention to detail that makes this an earworm right from the start.

Utilizing her moments like an opera singer and performer; Max Ayeza does not disappoint breathing life to this tuneful tale with her soulful and harmonious vocals that slink through with lucidity and precision. You can tell she was absolutely born for these kinds of moments with the way she shimmers over the lilting rhythmic euphony utilizing a live-like orchestration that is fit for major motion pictures.

Melancholic and deep, this tune echoes the precariousness of relationships and love and rebukes the cowardice act of always running away at the tiniest misunderstanding- sometimes you have to stay and fight for that love, for was it not the case; every one of us would be single if we all chose to take the easy way out! This however does not apply to toxic relationships!

The music video is also out and is the absolute perfect emblem of this tune with the cinematically crafted raw scenes arresting the attention of a viewer as the melodies and singing wash over them in what is an unexplainably poignant feeling.

Follow the attached link; subscribe to her YouTube channel, watch the music video, like it, leave a comment below, and add it to your favorite playlist under your music library!

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