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Melinda Valenz’s “Confidence” is a highlight of her evolving process!

Melinda Valenz’s strength as a musician lies in the depth of her lyrics and, of course, that mellifluous voice that carries so much faultless power. As one who is not self-limited, she has been able to develop an eclectic style of music that cuts across R&B, pop, and soul for that crossover appeal. For Melinda, music is a conscious journey through a dark place with a guiding light at the end of the tunnel—a hopeful place brimming with warmth. Her interest in writing lyrics actually sparked at a young age, but she only rekindled it later in her life.

Not one to shy away from wearing her heart on her sleeve, Melinda possesses a natural talent for creating emotionally authentic songs that resonate deeply with her listeners. Blending thoughtful lyrics, catchy melodies and R&B-infused vocals, Melinda paints beautifully emotional soundscapes that capture both the power and vulnerability that can be found in all of us.

Her new single, “Confidence” is based on a foundation of ideas inspired by self-improvement, introspection, and the desire to empower her listeners to move forward from where they are standing still. This is an earworm anthem that affirms self-love and self-improvement despite life’s challenges that may get in the way of us and our dreams.

Having listened to this masterpiece severally, I can confirm that it indeed is no less than what you have been accustomed to in your radios; this is a certified radio staple from start all the way to finish.

Throughout her performance, Melinda Valenz exudes a certain stage presence that cannot be taken away from her, and it is really that command that allows the listener to develop their own personal relationship with the inspirational lyrics at their core. Her voice, projecting powerfully, is the sort that is golden and incredibly angelic. You’d actually want her to sing for you all night long!

At its heart, “Confidence” is a fun, upbeat, and emotional masterpiece that is all about taking that leap towards happiness, self-love, and self-improvement while leaving your fears behind, because, as you know, life isn’t forever. You either allow yourself to become paralyzed by a fear of insecurities, self-condemnation, and self-deprecation and fall victim to societal expectations, or you can go out there and astonish the world with your confidence and extraordinary powers. But you just don’t get to do both.

This is the kind of track that stands the test of time due to its timeless standards. It is little surprise that it has already been ear candy for so many listeners out there who can’t seem to get enough of it. It already has close to 10,000 Spotify streams in the short span of time since it was released.

Melinda Valenz is continuing to break new ground as one of the hottest and most creative forces in R&B music. A songstress who refuses to stand still, she is proving every day that she isn’t merely an entertainer but a progressive artist as well who is more than capable of releasing potential chart-topping bangers like “Confidence”.

By borrowing from any style that crosses her path-elements of R&B, soul, pop, and hip hop—her eclectic music taste has been able to give her that broad appeal among different demographics and is what will eventually catapult her to international acclaim within no time.

For now, she is just making her mark the best way she can, one song at a time, with the hope of going global and influencing the musical world with her spectacular gifts.

To listen to “Confidence” in its entirety, follow the attached Spotify link and, more than anything, enjoy!

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