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Mellow the Metaphor pours all of himself into his latest project, “Decades,” which confronts everything ailing our society.

A versatile, multitalented rapper, artist, songwriter, producer, and emcee, Mellow the Metaphor’s songwriting is filled with raw emotions that define hip-hop and rap. There have been contentious debates about the future and authenticity of rap. In an era where the sound’s originality feels lost and elusive, artists like Mellow the Metaphor give me hope. His music allowed me to develop a deep emotional connection because he speaks straight from his heart. He isn’t afraid of being vulnerable and letting his pain out in his mellow and expressive productions, allowing listeners to connect with his music.

“Decades” is a 10-track project where Mellow the Metaphor delves into his psyche and confronts societal issues head-on. This project addresses universal themes such as racism, classism, bias, inequality, hatred, and bigotry with raw and honest lyrics that don’t tip-toe around the subject matter. “Slave Worker” is the opener for this album, as Mellow the Metaphor sets a deep tone that he maintains throughout the album. The track’s emotional depth is underscored by raw lyrics exploring mental and physical enslavement and differential treatment based on identity. His dedication to speaking his heart and mind is palpable, leaving a lasting impression on your heart and soul.

Have you ever thought about what it’s like to walk every day with a target on your back? To be seen as a threat by the very institutions meant to protect you? To survive in a society plagued by systematic injustice whose self-reinforcing, adaptive, and subjects’ identities have been shaped to conform to it? To walk into a world that has already been doomed by segregation since like forever? If not, then sit down and let Mellow the Metaphor tell the story of so many young black men trying to survive in a society that has already condemned them and judges harshly at the least chance. Mellow hits the nail on the head with “Questions” as he wonders why the system avoids addressing the important issues. True to his climaxing words, “the system ain’t right!”

It’s the emotional pain and torture that others can’t see that really take a toll on us. With “Flooded Thoughts,” Mellow the Metaphor expresses his lonely thoughts over a mellow, soulful, and atmospheric beat, providing the perfect backdrop for his heartfelt vocals and deep lyrics. The backing female vocal harmonies add an R&B and soul vibe, underscoring the emotional weight of the track.

“Soul Reaper” is another bona fide standout and a brilliant showcase of Mellow the Metaphor’s penmanship as he glides over the captivating beat with some intricate words, masterful flows, metaphorical bars, and hard-hitting verses. Throughout this project, Mellow the Metaphor conveys the heartfelt emotions of young black men caught in a dysfunctional system where they become collateral. He is speaking on behalf of so many like him who just want the hate to go away and the pain and suffering brought along by societal prejudices to end. Is that too much to ask for? No, that’s what I thought!

Stream “Decades” in its entirety. Let Mellow the Metaphor speak to your heart and soul, and share your thoughts on the music.


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