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Professional jazz and blues singer/songwriter Mercedes Nicole’s latest album, “Dare to Love-Dare to Dream” isn’t just heard; it’s deeply felt.

In the realm of musical anomalies, artists often strive to weave a tapestry of emotions, experiences, and thoughts through their songs. The incredibly gifted Mercedes Nicole has accomplished this with outstanding prowess, with every track she creates carrying her distinct vocal flair and thematic essence that resonates with listeners on various levels. In her deeply relevant and resonant songwriting, she dares you to explore an experience you never thought possible. With an air of sophistication, she sometimes clutches at vague emotions, hoping to find universal resonance walking the fine line of authenticity.

In her irresistible charm wrapped in eloquent verses, teetering on the precipice of authenticity, she exudes a never-ending battle between truth and pretense. As she dances with the ghosts of her own imagination, her songs become the soundtracks for the mundane experiences that haunt us all!

And as you will experience in Nicole’s latest album, “Dare to Love-Dare to Dream”, her approaches evolve alongside the industry. However, her passion as a music artist is grounded…grounded in challenging the status quo via non-cookie-cutter sounds and, in turn, delivering audiences with experiences worth remembering.

Beyond the technical dexterity present in the opening track, “What’s Going On”, you can feel how catchy and beautifully haunting it actually is. Nicole’s voice holds such effortless power; she sings with golden, rich, and warm vocals, exuding such an irresistible allure and seducing a listener as she transports them to another world that is joyful and nostalgic. I love the woodwind melodies offered by the beautifully played sax over the mellow piano and bass tunes and the gentle drums. That hook at the song’s heart left such a lasting impression on me; this tune is pure perfection, if you ask me!

“Save Your Love for Me” comes off as gentle and powerful, emotional, and inviting as Nicole sings to a listener’s heart with her unmistakably crystal-clear and polished vocals, delivering impeccably phrased words with such clarity and command. This is simply an exquisite performance worthy of the big screen and one that sparks your own feelings of love.

“I Love Being Here with You” is a lively ballad featuring a bold and bright soundscape that is concocted from that blissful combination of the piano tunes, the striking sax, the warm bass, and the elegant drums. Her immensely expressive and rich voice breathes life into the unique lyrical narrative of this stupendous track.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but there is something so relaxing, tranquil, and comforting about that performance offered in the track “Sack Full of Dreams”- this performance hits its listeners right in the nostalgia and makes them feel like everything is going to be alright. It is very comforting, backed by an assuring performance and incredibly laid-down instruments that offer solid support for Nicole’s gently nourished vocals. The thoughtfully hit piano, the well-manicured guitar tones, the bass, and the drums, backed by the captivating sax, are everything to love about this piece.

I love the exotic vibe the song “Rio de Janeiro Blue” exudes and how hauntingly beautiful it is in its spellbinding blend of rhythm and melody, complemented by the soul-touching vocals.

“Dare to Love-Dare to Dream” is a self-affirming collection with a coherent narrative. The album takes listeners on a journey, like the chapters of a book told with pure honesty, vulnerability, and introspection.

With this project, Nicole hopes to drive and inspire others to find a way to reach their goals and seek love in order to find it. Throughout this process of pouring all of herself out and gaining the confidence to tap into her own vulnerability, she is expanding her mind on her music through developing self-awareness and a clearer perspective on how she hopes the rest of her career will continue evolving now and in the future!

It’s an honor to recommend this authentic and powerful album from a talented artist like Mercedes Nicole.

Follow the link below and let these songs find their way into your playlist as much as you love them!

To keep up with Mercedes Nicole’s music, check out her website at


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