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MICALL’s Latest Single, “Courtroom Headtrip,” Is the Work of Profound Ingenuity!

MICALL is an eclectic singer and songwriter who refuses to be boxed, instead pulling out beautiful, prolific sounds against all the rules of genres and styles. Like a maverick trailing an undeniable trail, her relentless pursuit of excellence has allowed her to grow into a deeply connected and engaging performer. She loves to draw inspiration from all over the world and makes it a point to give back whenever she can through her music. She loves how music, as a universal language, transcends language and cultural barriers to connect all people and help them resonate with their emotions.

MICALL is once again the talk of town following her just released single, “Courtroom Headtrip,” a genre-bending masterpiece with a consistent pop-rock brand; I have listened to this tune more times than I could care to count, and I am yet to get over it!

The graceful manner in which MICALL delivers with her gently-nourished and effortlessly powerful soft vocals, backed by that fiercely determined band that showcases undoubted instrumental prowess, is why “Courtroom Headtrip” is a must-have record.

A deeply emotional anthem, this tune comes from a genuine place that breeds an honest set of lyrics about toxic relationships and domestic abuse. Bringing out the gentle nuances and emotional features with her captivating vocal performance, MICALL affirms that people going through such things need more love, more understanding, more kindness, and less judgment—and perhaps if we were all more welcoming and loving to one another, maybe we wouldn’t all lose!

I love how the tune picks up at the chorus, with her golden vocals pulling you into wanting more. This chorus will keep playing over your head even when you are not listening to the track. “Courtroom Headtrip” also has a visually stunning complementary music video that underscores the theme of this tune perfectly, both in symbolism and storyline.

The visuals are amazing, and the musical transmission is simply magnificent. By blending a meaningful message with arresting melodies, MICALL highlights the essence of her musicianship as she seeks to make her mark in the music industry and go on to cement an indelible legacy!

To listen to this beautiful and emotionally resonant body of work; follow the attached link, subscribe to MICALL’s YouTube channel, like the music video, and share it with friends, family, and strangers!

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