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LA-based up-and-comer, Michael Eddy, debuts with the irresistibly catchy masterpiece “small towns”

Michael Eddy is a Los Angeles multitalented star whose creative art spans a number of disciplines; he is a singer, musician, actor, and dancer. He comes through with a style and sound of his own within the tradition of first-class singing. He is as authentic as it gets, with such a smooth, polished, and mellifluous voice that is a welcomed sound in today’s musical arena. His rich and expressive tone has a signature warmth and power that draws the listener in and rewards them with a true ‘feel-good’ experience, as you will undoubtedly experience in his debut single, “small towns.”

For a debut, he really goes above and beyond to create something that is catchy, unique, danceable, and emotionally relatable. A masterclass in both pop and country music, “small towns” completely knocks the listener off their feet from the get-go. I mean, the production is top-notch; the arrangement is excellent; and the execution is stupendous. This song has all the markings of a viral and radio-ready hit!

Michael is a formidable talent whose time has come; this track already has over 23K streams on Spotify alone and marks such a significant milestone in his career that is just beginning. Hopefully, it’s one that will flourish internationally and be backed by a cross-genre discography that will be packed with impeccably crafted songs that will be a mixture of modern and vintage sounds, catchy lyrics, and a voice that is equal parts velvet and cognac.

“small towns” supports the likelihood that Michael is destined to become a household name that music fans of all varieties can depend upon to deliver quality music and memorable performances.

A debut recording project that takes us on an adventurous journey and transports us to an unforgettable world where love abounds and possibilities are endless, “small towns” is exactly what you need in your playlist right now.

I love the impeccably shredded guitar sounds, the awe-inspiring melodies, the ear-worming harmonies, and the sweet-sounding vocals that sing with such power and passion. It is the fact that you can feel his passion for the music that gives this track immediacy and deeply connects with the listener.

At the heart of the track is that big, infectious chorus that ingratiates itself with the listener…Within no time, you will be singing along like no one’s listening and dancing on your feet like no one’s watching!

The upbeat, colorful, and addicting nature of this song makes it so likeable and an easy recommendation to any music lover. The ingenious clash of genres elevates it to greater heights and earns it that broad appeal.

What an introduction for this fine young man who has all his future ahead of him. “small towns” is already receiving widespread critical acclaim from fans and critics alike. It has already been played on ‘Nick Music’ which is such a feat for this up-and-coming singer-songwriter who has demonstrated that he’s got that ear for a hit song and the knack for the commercial!

In today’s often stressful, hectic, uncertain and generally tumultuous times, you need something to help take away your sorrows and worries…I could think of no better track to do that than “small towns” by Michael.

This debut track is now available for streaming and downloading on all the popular channels, including Spotify and iTunes, and has an eye-catching complementary visual on YouTube that is worth checking out!

Take some time to get acquainted with this immediately significant budding artist by following him everywhere. You’ll undoubtedly be glad you did!

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