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Iowa-Based Afrofusion Star Michael M. Jeni Stuns with His New Catchy Anthem, “Love Pains”

Based in Cedar Falls, Iowa, eclectic musician Michael M. Jeni brings a unique perspective to his music through a blend of Afrobeats and Afropop. His insatiable passion for creating works that evoke emotions and connect with people on a personal level is evident, as his songwriting is primarily inspired by his life experiences and those of people close to him. Drawing from his own experiences allows him to inculcate each track with emotions and relatable stories. Through his music, he hopes to encourage his listeners to embrace their feelings and experiences, knowing that they are not alone in their journeys. He is dedicated to exploring the intersection of different genres and pushing the boundaries with his overarching goal of creating music that speaks to the heart and brings people together.

It takes just about 55 seconds for his latest jam, “Love Pains,” to get stuck in your head. The hook is really irresistible, and one that stays with you long after the jam is no more.

Showcasing such dexterous musicianship and versatility, Michael glides over this Afrobeats foundation, his luscious vocals blending graciously with the instrumentals to conjure up an infectious jam that is accentuated by the catchy lyrics and memorable hook.

The modern pop vibe blends seamlessly with the Afrobeats sensibilities, creating a tune with extensive appeal. Michael’s own slinky vocals, which are ideal for the jam, make this an easily likeable track that will have you singing and dancing along in no time!

Inspired by the ups and downs of relationships and delivered through Michael’s own lenses, “Love Pains” is a relatable masterpiece that resonates with anyone and everyone who has navigated the chaos of love and heartbreak.

This track has been positively received, with over half a million listens across major platforms, and rightfully so. It is a catchy, upbeat, and infectious jam that you can listen to all day without getting bored.

To add “Love Pains” to your own playlist, check out the link below and make sure you share it everywhere.

Check out Michael M Jeni’s other ear-catching jams from his impressive discography and let us know how you feel about him.


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