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Detroit’s fast-rising songstress and producer Michon Young’s upcoming album “LOVE is MY Lane” is purely inspired by love, hope, and resilience.

July 2023, a month that will forever remain etched in Michon Young and her husband’s memory. This was the month he suffered a heart attack. Mind you, this was not your ordinary heart attack; it was a severe type with slim chances of survival. Hope seemed lost on all fronts, but against all odds, he survived! This led to another new chapter in both their lives as the love blossomed more, and they cherished every moment with indescribable joy. As part of his therapy, Michon’s husband returned to music as soon as possible, and that’s how this new album, “LOVE is MY Lane” was born. This project, born of love, reflects life’s journey, which brings inevitable challenges and adversities. But you know what? Love conquers all. This is a project inspired by love, hope, healing, and resilience and is guaranteed to inspire, empower, uplift, and entertain audiences once it officially drops on April 26, 2024.

You know what, love isn’t something we invented. It’s observable and powerful. It has to mean something. Love has meaning and is perhaps the only thing we’re capable of perceiving that transcends the dimensions of time and space. Maybe we should trust that, even if we can’t understand it all. With this project, Michon hopes you open your heart and soul as much as your mind and let the music speak to you in ways you’ve never been spoken to before. How about that?

The opener “Love” is poetic as Michon narrates over gentle piano melodies accompanied by bird chirps that create a soothing croon. Her words are strong and powerful, depicting what love is; “Love is a breath of fresh air, an affection that is deep and emotional, love is powerful, love is patient and kind. Love does not envy or boast, it is not arrogant or rude, it does not insist on its own way…” ending with the memorable words, “Love begets love. Let’s reintroduce and normalize love…”

With the tone for the album set, the song “The Familiar” enters, an enchanting masterpiece with an infectious and energetic beat that provides a captivating backdrop, attractively complementing Michon’s emotive vocals. Her voice is soulful and powerful, effortlessly spanning a wide range, as she sings her heart out, capturing the essence of the song with vivid lyrics and authentic demeanor. The backing vocals as the song drags on add that touch of elegance and depth. This song reiterates in its own special way that the heart always wants what it wants. It feels like it belongs to a real-life romantic film or TV series.

“Bounce Back” is an inspirational masterpiece and a personal favorite of mine. This tune is simply memorable, with a striking bass that warms the heart, and Michon elevates the feeling with her soulful vocals, exuding such raw and heartfelt emotions. The lyrics “You’ll bounce back” encapsulate the song’s thematic essence: no matter how far life pushes you down or how much you hurt, you can always bounce back. In life, you win some, you lose some; it’s all about whether you can bounce back. The other powerful lines, “can’t do nothing about yesterday” are meant to rid you off that negative energy that comes with holding on to past disappointments, failures, and hurts. This is a call to embrace the now and today and let them lay the precedent for tomorrow and the future. The past is the past, and there’s nothing you can do about it, right?

“You Give Me A Purpose” is a stunning duet from a husband and wife, as they both recognize the incalculable weight of each other’s lifelong role in their lives and just how being with them makes life worthwhile and not feel useless. Openly vulnerable, deep, and sentimental, the song hits so close to home, especially to anyone deeply in love with their special kind of person whom they’d never want to lose.

“Pull” features a beautiful intro as Michon’s lead vocalizing is answered back by the backing vocals in a refreshingly subtle moment of call and response. The beat then comes alive with a smooth yet expressive concoction of the bass, gentle and precise drums, piano, and guitar, providing the ideal support for Michon’s soulful and sultry vocals as she manifests her desire to locate her. This indeed extends to anyone listening in and is simply an invocation on behalf of the listener, as Michon already has one for her.

“Fall In Love” is another captivating ballad, with the gentle struck guitar setting a mellow tone and providing such a smooth foundation for Michon’s vocal prowess. She sings beautifully as the heartfelt lyrics about love, its irresistible power, and just how it makes you feel things resonating with intimate appeal.

There is so much more in this 11-song collection. What I’ve done is to arouse your interest and indeed confirm that this album is worth the wait and worthy of fanfare. The music here is less heard and more felt; it’s like a conversation from Michon to you- a heart-to-heart kind of conversation.

For more information regarding this and so much more, how about you check out Michon’s website,



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