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Mike Di Lorenzo – All I Want Is You

When Mike Di Lorenzo first set foot in the legendary halls of Carnegie Hall, he likely never imagined that his musical journey would lead him to create a modern masterpiece like “All I Want Is You.” Known for his collaborations with iconic artists such as Cissy and Whitney Houston, Mike has always had a knack for blending intricate keyboard melodies with heartfelt lyrics. In his latest track, featuring the evocative vocals of Anna Moore, he masterfully fuses contemporary R&B with smooth jazz, crafting a sound that feels both innovative and nostalgically familiar. The song tells a poignant story of longing and devotion, with Anna’s soulful voice weaving through Mike’s rich, textured arrangements, creating an immersive listening experience that resonates deeply with listeners.

Don’t miss the chance to dive into the sonic elegance of “All I Want Is You.” Whether you’re a longtime fan of Mike Di Lorenzo or new to his musical universe, this track is a testament to his enduring talent and the magic that happens when great artists come together. Stream “All I Want Is You” now and let its melodies transport you – it’s a musical journey you won’t want to end. Listen today on your favorite platform and feel the heartfelt passion and impeccable craftsmanship that Mike Di Lorenzo and Anna Moore bring to this captivating piece.

INSTAGRAM: Mike Di Lorenzo (@mikedilorenzomusic) • Instagram photos and videos

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