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Pittsburgh’s Prodigious Producer Mike Hitt From His MCM Studios Releases His Much Anticipated Fourth Studio Single “False Prophets”

Mike Hitt False Prophets

Mike Hitt makes popular waves faultlessly like a prodigy of industrial discipline with the way he takes the music scene to the next level by blending rapaciously diversified spicy elements from popular styles to come up with stunningly innovated and ingenious experimentations that have their place at the top level in the mainstream music industry. He is an American producer, singer-songwriter, sound engineer who records, mixes, and masters his own sounds. He hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and also helps out other artists, companies, and corporations with their audio needs from his own record label “MCM Studios”. This means that despite being a creative innovator of sound, he is also a successful entrepreneur.

Leveraging his talents and expressing the fullness of his inherent greatness, he comes through with a trivially fascinating and motivating single release “False Prophets” which exemplifies prodigious creative achievement like few other songs in the music industry today. This is exactly the kind of track the world needs to here with the fulfilling message encouraging us not to give up just yet, to fight for our dreams, to block out the naysayers and access that drive to capitalize on our strengths so that we can take flight into the rare-air of outright mastery and realize domain dominance.

The track has been layered with those rocky percussions and the glamorous thrill of the underground touch, especially with the catchy chorus performed with intensity and earthiness.

“How could they tell me that sh*t

How could they tell me that sh*t

You gon see me tomorrow…” this is where the culmination of the tracks builds from and the gist of the melody lines and when he delivers his authentic flows on the verses, you are pulled even more as you stick and resonate with his each and every word.

Throughout the length of this track, you will be avidly motivated and your mentality will shift positively which goes on to give a glimpse of the scale of inspiration in this track. This is a monumental release and the music video which is swiftly making numbers on YouTube draws in on this vibe and ambition that the track is all about with the ingenious concept coming out in those winter conditions and surroundings and the passionate delivery from Mike Hitt who does a tremendous job of capturing the storyline in his performance.

Overall, this is a track with a positive message and attitude – follow the attached link and subscribe to his YouTube channel, view the video, like it, leave a positive message of encouragement, and share this powerful tune with the world around you!     

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