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West Coast rapper, Mikem Nahmir, takes us on a real-life ride with “TALKING2GHOST”.

An 11-track project that feels like the coming of age for Los Angeles, California-based hip-hop and rap emcee Mikem Nahmir, “TALKING2GHOST” is much more than the music; it’s the real-life feelings and emotions contained here that give it that deep resonance. More than marking his musical comeback after a long hiatus, this project was a necessary catharsis for Mikem as he confronts real-life issues and pays homage to friends and peers he has lost along the way

This album transcends the music itself, delivering open and vulnerably-toned tales from the streets. The rhymes are honest and introspective, birthed from Mikem’s own experiences growing up; the good, the bad, and the ugly are all delivered from his heart and soul; his emotive delivery underscoring the weight of the lyrics.

The mellow yet powerful production is stripped back, creating a nostalgic vibe that allows the message of each track to thrive. In its entirety, “TALKING2GHOST” holds the essence of Mikem’s metaphoric journey.

“O3diddy” features a warm production that is backed by Mikem’s intricate wordplay proficiently blended with poetic finesse to leave an indelible mark on a listener’s heart and soul. This is a first-class rap delivery that showcases the artist’s novel storytelling knack as he vividly paints pictures and imagery with his raw words. His creativity and cadence, in truth, are boundless.

“abuvdarim” features a laid-back nostalgic production and feels sentimental as Mikem takes the listener through a journey marred with loneliness, mental scars, and emotional storms. With each verse, the artist peels back layers of self-doubt and adversity and transcends the mundane, offering a glimpse of a man who has learned to embrace the essence of his demons. This track serves as a cathartic experience, akin to a phoenix rising from the ashes, as the artist’s words reverberate with authenticity and vulnerability. The lines, “no house to call my home, just couches I lay own” really hit me deep in the heart and left a mark!

“Kelly Slater” is another display of Mikem’s lyrical ability as he drops some rapid-fire freestyles, blending masterful, provocative and intricate rhymes over the dulcet production.

In its entirety, “TALKING2GHOST” is a classical offering rooted in the traditionalism of the genre. Everything you’d want in a hip-hop record is here. What makes it even better is the authenticity and relatability, seeing that Mikem tapped into a part of his life and is openly vulnerable, creating deep resonance and appealing to so many listeners that have lost people who have lived through more tragedies than a person has any right to, but instead of crumbling, they have remained strong and hopeful.

This project hits closer to home for so many listeners. More than that, to Mikem Nahmir’s global fan base, this project signifies that we finally have our favorite rap maestro back, and we can expect more and more heat from him!

For now, sink your teeth into this project by following the attached link, and don’t forget to share this project with others around you.

Follow Mikem on his Instagram handle for real-time updates on his other projects.

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