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The True Rap Son From Philly MIL Zay Crafts a Stunningly Invented Inspirational Tune “Message to Me”

MIL Zay Message to Me

Born a winner and lighting up the glowing burner of eclectic hip-hop style is the man of the hour who goes by the stage name of MIL Zay; a true icon coming through from Philadelphia in Pennsylvania and taking the industry by storm with his level of artistry as he is able to make anthems off of any simple beat. What separates him from the fold is his ability to not only beguile but also positively impact with his truthful melodies that take a listener from the edge of their seat to another fulfilling planet where everything feels just right and the future seems so bright!

He has been making music since he was 7 years old and is now the owner of the MIL Productions record label that has spearheaded his artistry allowing him to work with celebrated Philly rappers and producers. He is nowhere near done and is just getting started; wait until you watch him live in your closest Arena as he delivers some show-stopping performance to some sold-out crowd!

“Message To Me” is emotional, deep, insightful, and decorated with some enthralling melodies that give it that special element of thrill to keep a listener engaged. Life is quite a phenomenon and sometimes we all struggle to understand it- like why can’t we get what we are working so hard for? Why do we have to suffer while we are doing everything like we are supposed to? Sometimes we feel like we deserve so much more than life is offering and this inspiration tune motivates you to hold in there because better days are coming; you have come so far to look back!

Taking the exceptional flows; this is like that west-side cultural tune that allows MIL to rap and sing his way over the addictive beats that flex their stylishly luxurious abundance in ways that enable a listener to feel engaged and thrilled at the same time. This is everything we wish for in music; deep message, blazing instrumentation, and astounding delivery- what more could you possibly ask for!

To get inspiration from this deeply relatable tune; follow the attached link, subscribe to Zay’s YouTube channel, watch this official release, like it, save it as a favorite, and share this message of determination of a conquerors warrior!

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