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London-based pop phenom, Milena Galasso, releases her delightful new single titled “Singing Through The Pain.”

Milena Galasso - Singing Through the Pain

Her affinity for storytelling, genuine vulnerability, and understanding make London-based singer-songwriter Milena Galasso a force to be reckoned with in her field.  Her soul-revealing, infectious pop music presents her as an authentic and vulnerable artist, sharing her personal experiences of finding her way in the world. Having played in numerous venues around London, Milena Galasso has established herself as a captivating performer with a unique talent for audience connection; bringing audiences deep, thoughtful lyrics that are sure to linger long after the music ends.

With her new song titled “Singing Through The Pain,” Milena Galasso has once again mesmerized her fans and new listeners alike.

Milena Galasso showcases her versatility and creative prowess by venturing into a bold new direction with this deeply emotional tune that was birthed from a place of personal pain and mental anguish.

The tune kicks off with the background ambiance of fire engine sirens, closely followed by Milena Galasso’s angelic voice as she sings, “I’m singing through the pain, I’m dancing through the flames”

Then a propelling, vibrant percussive pop beat makes its entrance, with Milena Galasso’s mellifluous vocals gently sliding over this upbeat instrumentation, transforming this into a catchy anthem with its captivating hook and sing-along lyrics.

“Singing Through The Pain” is a masterpiece that keeps a listener hooked from start to finish. The instrumentation is noteworthy as it takes a catchy approach, creating a rich and immersive sonic experience.

his songwriting is brilliant, capturing deeply relatable sentiments in ways that those battling similar emotional storms might gravitate toward and find solace.

“Singing Through The Pain” is now available for streaming on all popular digital platforms. Follow the attached link and let this heartfelt performance find its way into your music playlist.

In order to receive real-time updates on Milena’s future releases, live performances, and gigs, make sure you follow her on Instagram.

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