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Miles Island’s single, “Who Are You?” is such a mesmerizing tune that deserves to be heard.

Miles Island is an intriguing musical project, the brainchild of multitalented songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jim Bjorklun. Providing listeners with an opportunity to experience the undeniable talent and charm of his music, he ingeniously taps into sonic rabbit holes to come up with music that is not only unique and accessible but one that stands the test of time as well. There is such a peculiar appeal and charm to his music that has been proven to attract listeners of all genres. If you are ready to be captivated by an artist who fearlessly dives into the creation of magical sounds, then hop in and enjoy this ride!

“’Who Are You?’ is a refreshing and mesmerizing tune that revels in its broad appeal and brilliantly captivating demeanor.

Stretching the limits of alternative rock, dance, country, and psych-pop, this masterpiece is guaranteed to leave a lasting impact on a listener from the very first listen.

The instrumentation really stands out, featuring amazing guitar flourishes, skillfully executed riffs, intricate percussion, incredible drums, and a striking harmonica that adds texture, depth, and crystal-clear polish to the arrangement.

The vocals are lively and glide through the track with subtle confidence. The easily quotable lyrics and that unforgettable chorus add to the anthemic weight of this jam, which will keep playing in your head even when you are not listening to it.

“Who Are You?” ranks up there as one of my favorite musical discoveries this year and is a song that I have been playing on repeat most of my days. There is that contagious energy and feel around the song that is impossible to resist.

If you have a taste for superbly composed and meticulously executed music, then look no further than this profound release from an artist who truly stands out and has the potential to meet and surpass high expectations.

Be sure to subscribe to Miles Island’s YouTube channel, like the beautiful music video featuring eye-catching ocean visuals, and add the song to your playlist by following the link below.

For more information regarding Miles Island, check out the website


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