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Florida-Based Singer-Songwriter Missy Balsam’s New Single “Burn” Is as Heartwarming as It Is Addictive!

A triple threat, Missy Balsam is a singer, songwriter, and yoga teacher who has led quite a successful career so far with her blissful type of music that is colored with astonishing beauty, affecting the core elements of the mind, body, and soul. A prolific recording artist with a career spanning years of successful music and yoga festivals, Balsam still has a lot to offer as she seeks to take her career even further and impact listeners globally with her fulfilling and empowering music.

Her “Revealed” album highlighted her genuine ability to blend music with Sanskrit mantras from the yoga tradition to fashion soul healers such as “Guru Brahma.” 2022 has seen her drop the deservedly acclaimed single “Now,” and now, “Burn.”

Intimate, heartfelt, and emotive, “Burn” is the sought-after song that transcends genre definitions in time and place. A variety of musical ideas and components have been combined to create an arresting body of work that is complemented gratifyingly by Balsam’s mellifluous vocals.

There is that ethereal alternative pop feel around the melodies, with subtle shades of rock too, not forgetting the nostalgic elements that make it feel vintage; it’s like walking in the past while stepping into the future. Missy Balsam has impeccable vocal control, and the way she sings over the aesthetic harmonies leaves that haunting vibe in a listener’s ears, such that you will still be feeling her voice playing over your head long after listening to this particular tune.

“Burn” is the kind of therapeutic music that gently brushes your listening senses as it reaches deep into your heart and soul. I am beyond doubt that many listeners will be intrigued by her fascinating other-worldly delivery and a deep sense of musical knowledge!

To get a taste of this authentic masterpiece, follow the attached link, make sure to add it as a favorite under your playlist, and share it with everyone around you!

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