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Indian-based electronic music independent artist Mohit Khanna has a new explorative album themed “Latitude and Longitude.”

Mohit Khanna Latitude and Longitude

Ever since he decided to get into music production and creation in 2020, Indian-based eclectic electronic music artist Mohit Khanna has remained dedicated to pushing the boundaries of EDM, house, rock, breakbeat, and other electronic genres in a way that reflects his own eccentric nature. He is a well-traveled man and always tries to incorporate different musical influences, cultures, and lifestyles into his production to come up with a unique and entertaining sound that has made him one of the most promising electronic music producers to evolve in the electronic music scene.

After making waves with his “Atlantic Cruiseline” project, which earned him critical acclaim from far and wide, Mohit wasn’t prepared to let the momentum die; he’s back with another stunning innovation in electronic music, exploring its larger genres and sub-genres. “Latitude and Longitude” is a 20-track album that offers over 2 hours of a cathartic and visceral listening experience.

Through Khanna’s own sheer will to push his creativity to new limits, we get this fascinating collection that takes listeners to places far beyond their imaginations and thoughts.

Mohit Khanna really stepped out of his comfort zone to explore different sounds and aspects of his electronic music, and this project is a shining example of such undeniable virtuosity.

“Deep Roots” cuts across that haunting ambient and slow rocker electronic soundscape as Mohit Khanna offers a cosmic exploration through time and space with that meticulous attention to detail that allows every element of the track to work in perfect harmony with one another to create music that achieves what it was set out to.

Throughout this track’s length, Khanna consistently introduces new and fresh ideas, engaging listeners and keeping them heavily invested. And the track is 6 minutes long; he had all the time in the world to give this track his signature stamp.

“A Radio Broadcast” feels funky and is a vibesy representation of an eclectic electronic masterpiece. There is a lot that goes into this track: the hip-hop-like harmonies over the electronic rock melodies as well as the electronica vibe.

You must also appreciate the vocal drops; they are shrewdly added at tactical stages of the tune, lending dynamism, elegance, and flair to the overall arrangement. I can’t stress enough how this is music production at its absolute best!

“Tides at Hopewell Rocks” is one of my all-time favorites from the entire collection thanks to how ancient it feels. There is that traditional feel around it that is immediately identifiable and puts its listener in a different dimension.

The sound has actually been built from the ground up, and it feels like live instrumentation, which is what makes it so appealing. In its entirety, “Tides at Hopewell Rocks” exudes good vibes and a feel-good festival spirit while also maintaining a cinematic quality.

“Equation Simplified” borders on cinematic and bluesy with the intoxicating melodies that have been stupendously produced and adroitly arranged, offering an ethereal listening experience that inspires your own wide-eyed creativity and imagination!

Simply put, “Latitude and Longitude” is a timeless, relevant, and futuristic sound all in one. Despite its seemingly instrumental nature, Mohit Khanna creates it in such a way that he conveys concrete messages, drawing from his own limitless inspirations that surround him on a day-to-day basis.

“Latitude and Longitude” is now streaming on all the popular platforms, including Spotify. Follow the provided link and let this masterpiece collection infuse your listening days from this day forward!

For more updates regarding Mohit Khanna and his music, you can check out his website as well as follow him on his socials.

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