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Get a taste of Canadian native nasmore’s “Welcome to the Hell” and savor every minute of it!

I’ve been to hell and back; I can show you vouchers, and if you still don’t believe me, I’ll do even more by bringing my guide, nasmore, who was with me the entire time! No more have I felt the words dark and sexy befitting than in this occasion, and this is after listening to nasmore’s latest rip-roaring banger “Welcome to the Hell”. This is sound design at its best- an immersive listening experience that takes you to places and rests you within the realms of a magical place that is brimming with goth-rock and some hints of Nu-metal (although the latter certainly knows how to hide like the devil’s disciple!)

I have always maintained that some songs are actually less heard and more experienced, and “Welcome to the Hell” is one classic example. You just have to be there to experience this deeply immersive and transcendental piece of work that takes you through a plethora of dark emotions.

The high-octane drums and fiercely hit guitars echo a speedy tempo to give this tune its industrial flair of punk and thrash. The apocalyptic and mystical lyrics are sung with a punk rock attitude that certainly has no room for questions or critiques. Mirroring the track’s towering presence, the guitar solos tear through the stratosphere and leave no fret untouched.

This killer sound that is vivacious grabs a listener’s attention from start to finish, and that edgy attitude is cemented by those self-assured vocals that are raspy and growling and pertain to the genre appeal of goth rock. The raw intensity, energetic rage, and fierce determination with which this tune has been delivered are really a huge testament to the deep sense of musical knowledge and instrumental prowess possessed by nasmore.

And how does nasmore manage to make hell sound so appealing…like a place you’d want to go! As we try to crack that conundrum, “Welcome to the Hell” is already streaming and awaiting your stamp of approval…I’d hate for you to keep it waiting…hell has an especially scary reputation and is not particularly known for its patience!

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