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Florida’s Rap Guru, Natalac, Hits the Headlines with His Newest Anthem, “Trending Topic”

A dynamic force in the world of hip-hop and rap, Florida’s finest Natalac personifies Universal Pimp Hop. As an underground artist with raw authenticity and global impact, Natalac Defies Genre Norms in Every Special Way. Inspired by Legendary Artists Before Him, His Music Pays Homage to the Pioneers, Blending Southern Rap Grit with Poetic Finesse. His music is always thoughtful, conscious, and driven by a desire to not only entertain but also motivate, inspire, and comfort. If you like your hip-hop music to be original and impactful, welcome aboard. Natalac is thrilled to have you!

Natalac returns with a catchy, memorable, and infectious anthem dubbed “Trending Topic” featuring Benzino and Mr. Smith, Aka Bo$$ Money.

A Banging Masterpiece with Simple and Unforgettable Lyrics, “Trending Topic” Is a Feel-Good Tune That Sees Natalac and the Gang Showcase Their Lyrical Skills—Blending Sharp Wordplay with Catchy and Melodious Hooks.

Natalac brings his usual dynamic energy, packing an appropriate punch with his sing-song technique, ensuring that that unforgettable chorus keeps haunting you long after the final notes have disappeared.

“Trending Topic” is nothing too serious, yet it’s still captivating and memorable—a track you can bust some moves to and play just about anywhere. It is also the kind of jam that boosts the vibe in any setting, within the first few minutes, you will already be feeling the vibe, and its easily quotable hooks make it an engaging and irresistible sing-along anthem.

If you love your hip-hop music that is catchy and infectious, “Trending Topic” is such an easy recommendation because it is this and so much more.

Enjoy this entertaining performance, add the song to your playlist, and go a step further to recommending it to your friends.

Follow Natalac on his social media for more information as well as real-time updates on new music.


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