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Milan-based rock band Neventies self-titled album is out now!

The quartet Neventies recently released their self-titled 10-track album, and it is already drawing favorable reviews from the press. A sensational piece that will get rock aficionados’ ears tingling, my feeling for this special collection is that it is a slice of Rock N Roll heaven. It’s quite rare to find an eclectic rock band that is pointedly impacting the fabric of the Rock N Roll genre with their dynamic compositions quite like how Neventies do in this memorable collection.

Driven by that infectious draw to captivate, Neventies inject a thorough dose of their signature cutting-edge sound into Rock N Roll fantasy, and the result of that is a compelling and vibrant soundscape that sees Neventies embrace the core rock elements while also incorporating a masterful blend of guitar and blues.

“Neventies” is an immense listening experience and indeed displays Neventies’ outstanding showmanship. The relatable yet fringy compositions highlighted by sharp guitars and governed by the inclusion of authoritative vocals give rise to songs that create charged but not oppressive atmospheres with fast and direct rhythms that seek to tell stories and connect to listeners on a deep and emotional level.

The lead singles, “Go To L.A.” and “I’m Not the One,” have already garnered popular acclaim from far and wide and really reflect the dynamism of the entire album; ultimately highlighting Neventies’ limitless versatility!

“I’m Not the One” is a blues rock masterpiece with subtle and identifiable roots in the stylistic caliber of country music, eventually creating an appeal across the board, even from the backing assertive and cowboy-ish vocals that perfectly fit in to this style.

“Go Top L.A.” gets off to foot-tapping, head-bopping retro vibes from the laid-down foundation of the stage-show-ready riffs and astounding drums! This particular piece has a vibrant alternative rock feel, and it is quite refreshing to hear each member of the band represent their piece consummately, especially the raw intensity of the guitar riffs, which were my favorite bits.

“Come on Down” is another epic piece that is brimming with awe-inspiring guitar technology and showmanship. The soaring vocals that give rise to the bold lyricism over the relentless instrumentation with an edge are reflected in that rhythmically mesmerizing flow off of the overall track.

“Come on Down” also has a form of pizzazz and style that adds a nice touch of catchiness to the catchiness of the track!

Like a blend of spontaneity and pre-introspection, like a recipe in which all the necessary ingredients are already prepared in advance and it is only a matter of procedure to amalgamate them appropriately and at the right times, “Neventies” is a magic that does not always arise, but when it does, it becomes evident in the result.

“Neventies” is a concoction of tangible voices with a clear message…this is a must-have record for anyone looking for something new and fresh in rock music.

Already streaming on all the popular platforms, including Spotify, it is such an honor to recommend to you such an impressive body of work from a genuinely authentic rock band that is making waves in global rock music.

Neventies aspire to achieve global stardom and surpass the heights of achievement, and this album will serve to elevate them to international acclaim.

Neventies are planning a Europe tour to popularize this album; follow them everywhere to check them out…they may be pulling up in a city next to you!

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