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Cyprus-based musical duo New Rules Duo delivers a magnificent double-edged cover in “Wicked Game (HIM cover)”.

New Rules Duo is a unique and refreshing two-piece band in the contemporary music landscape. Made up of award-winning singer-songwriter Celia Starvi and guitarist, singer, and producer Dominik Dybka, New Rules Duo have been quickly making a name for themselves in the saturated landscape, exuding an incredible sense of genre knowledge backed by impressive vocal range, artistic maturity, and natural charisma that has endeared them to a wide faction of listeners all over the globe. As a matter of fact, they just returned from a successful 5-week tour in the USA. While their musical journey has been full of notable achievements and impressive milestones, New Rules Duo is determined to work even harder and continue to walk confidently toward their next goals.

Just recently, they released their 12-track cover album, “Road to Rendition,” which features covers of some of the most prominent jams in various genres. This cover album is more like an appetizer to the main course: their new original album, which will be released this summer, 2023.

“Wicked Game” was originally done by Chris Isaac, then HIM did a rock version. What the New Rules Duo did was take both versions and blend them together simultaneously, stamping it with their indelible imprint to fashion something close to paradise!

A haunting masterpiece, this is one of those covers that authentically honor the original while using its innovative foundation as a springboard to claim new and exciting musical ground. The instrumentation is impeccably chosen, and the delivery is just exquisite—from the terrific acoustic guitars that underlay the track to the dazzling electric guitar and drum lines that are interspersed throughout, there is a level of sophistication in both performances. The vocal delivery is simply alluring!

They bounce off one another outstandingly well, and the way they opt for a resplendently cinematic feeling orchestrated piece that is luxurious in scope and terrifically expressive in execution really highlights their high-grade musicianship!

To listen to this articulately delivered cover; follow the attached link and relish the experience…after that day you’ve had, you deserve something quite spectacular to boost your spirits, and this is it right here!

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