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California-based hip-hop and rap emcee, King Amir of Next2Kin, asserts his lyrical dominance in the track “Gone” from the album “Next2kin Griots.”

Christaan Hall, who goes by the alias King Amir, is not your typical rapper and emcee. he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the music table, taking cues from legendary hip-hop and rap artists before him and weaving their legendary influences with his own twist by blending the grit of the nostalgic West Coast sound with modern hype and a futuristic aura to create something special, unique, and rooted in the traditionalism of the hip-hop and rap genre. He takes cues from everyday life—the wins, the triumphs, and the losses that each day affords—and delivers them in a manner that resonates personally with numerous listeners. This resonance has earned him notable recognition within the West Coast hip-hop scene.

With his unorthodox, masterful, and thought-provoking bars in “Gone”, King Amir solidifies his top-tier status. This track is from Next2Kin’s anniversary album “Next2kin Griots” and features guest artist Vidal.

King Amir’s pen game is replete with wise perspectives and rapid-fire flows as he seamlessly transitions from one rhyme to another, maintaining a strong presence over the hypnotic beat and exuding such confidence and charisma.

“Gone” represents the current street culture. King Amir highlights real issues that people deal with on a day-to-day basis, opting for a unique yet deeply relatable perspective on all these issues in a way that is self-empowering as well as inspiring.

He hits every note perfectly and rides this beat to fruition in a way that gets the listener heavily invested in this track throughout its length.

“Gone” is proof that hip-hop is much more than just music; this is art, a creative outlet, and a form of storytelling.

King Amir continues to display his limitless creativity and versatility both as a musician and storyteller, using music to transcend barriers, and telling his stories through his voice.

While he may be unaware, his music transcends borders. The appreciation for his artistry in Africa signifies his global impact and success.

To run “Gone” up for him and Next2Kin, follow the link below and spread the word!

To keep up with the latest updates from King Amir and keep his vibes alive, follow him on Instagram!

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