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Philadelphia artist NightxVision bares his soul in the track “Mountains,” a testament to his journey from tragedy to triumph.

As a testament to his rise from the depths of ruins to the heights of belief, Nightxvision’s “Mountains” speaks to that resoluteness, unwavering determination, dedication, and mental strength to change fortunes. Coming from a very dark phase of his life that threatened to consume him, he bares his soul for the listener in this heartfelt performance, displaying the power of music to convey real human emotions and the artist’s ability to harness that power in order to connect with a broad audience.

He pours his soul into the microphone, tapping into his vulnerability to create that deep connection with the listener; vividly painting pictures with his words and lyrics.

With a performance that speaks to his experiences with mental anguish and depression, Nightxvision’s performance here is also a reminder that beyond every tragedy lies the potential for triumph, and past adversity is a bridge towards enduring victory.

Masterful flows are condensed into thought-provoking and shrewd verses, delivered with quite a bit of systematic wordplay and a distinct voice to demand a listener’s attention.

This performance is flawless and over such a crisp production featuring that guitar melody that serves as the perfect bedrock for Nightxvision’s voice and the empowering message behind the lyrics to thrive.

This performance transcends music itself; this is creative expression and a form of storytelling, and it is empowering, inspiring, and healing.

For anyone who has grappled with uncertainty and adversity, this performance will resonate deeply.

“Mountains” is raw, emotional, and original, and that is what makes it a must-have for any music fan out there.  It is not very often that you get to experience artists giving their all in service of something that transcends even musical passion…so savor every second of this performance!

This single is at the core of Nightxvision’s “Nobody Believed” EP which features well-documented tracks about Nightxvision’s trials and tribulations and finally triumphs.

To experience this authentic piece of music, follow the attached link, make sure you subscribe to Nightxvision’s YouTube channel, give the stunning visual a thumbs up, and share your thoughts under the comment section.

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