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The diverse range in Nikko’s new “Interstellar” EP is the catalyst behind its deserved acclaim and success.

Nikko Interstellar

Based out of Vail, Washington, Nikko was introduced to music at a very young age through his family’s own love for a diverse range of music, and that really had a lasting impact on Nikko’s life. These early musical influences helped shape the versatile and genre-defying artist he has become, who isn’t afraid to break a few rules in order to get things done musically. He has been pushing genre boundaries and does not allow himself to be limited by the type of music he puts out there.

Following the abrupt end of his previous band, ‘Interstellar’ where everyone quit, Nikko did not allow himself to be dejected and beaten over it. It actually feels like it was a blessing in disguise that sparked his creative fuel and led him to create his own “Interstellar”- a 6-track EP brimming with memorable and enthralling tunes.

Nikko is responsible for the entirety of this EP; from writing, singing, and recording down to producing and promoting. He actually wants you to listen to it in its entirety and be surprised at how good it actually is.

In the opening track “Ride Out”, Nikko delivers an orgasmic energy and sparkles in that exceptional performance. That acoustic guitar intro is something else, man. It hits you right in the feels!

Backed by the sweet-sounding and spine-tingling vocals, this performance right here exudes such a freedom of expression for Nikko with his tremendous songwriting skills on vivid display here. The acoustic foundation gives this track a stylistic caliber of country, whilst the drums and riffs add that edge of blues rock.

In “Ride Out,” Nikko captures the essence of country music, reflecting most people’s love for the simple pleasures in life such as drinking a cold beer under the roof of a beach bar. With its catchy melody and relatable lyrics, this masterpiece left a lasting impression on me.

The title track is another genuine banger that feels way ahead of its time. This is the kind of song that stands the test of time. Gearing toward indie rock, I love how dynamic Nikko makes it with the traditional dance elements that make you want to get up and dance the night away in a state of music-inspired euphoria.

Whilst “Interstellar” contains many strong elements, the sense of energy it has is particularly strong, and good God, that engaging vocal performance is simply perfection. This is the kind of tune that makes you want to kick fear right in the teeth—call that motivation!

In “Still Hear It Calling”, Nikko amalgamates country and alternative rock once again, with each and every element of the track working in perfect harmony with one another to create a piece of music that accomplishes what it set out to do.

The raw intensity of the guitar riffs in “Cast Out” are my favorite bits, with Nikko demonstrating his melodic, aggressive, and unapologetically honest style over the snarky quips and crunchy guitars in a no-holds-barred DIY fashion!

“Blue and White Tunnels” is an instrumental masterpiece that is soul-enhancing, ecstatic, and deeply engrossing. That delightfully charming blend of the chewy guitars, dazzling drums, and other percussive elements creates a crisp and polished mix of the highest standards!

Following his intuition and channeling that creative energy is what led to such a timeless and catchy collection as this, whose strengths lie in its diverse range and the impassioned performances that flank each and every track.

To indulge in this sublime work of art, follow the attached link below and have the time of your life with it.

To get more insight on Nikko’s creative vision, check out his website and follow him on Instagram.

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