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Noon The Artist Has Revealed the Unadulterated Purity of “Toxic Love”

Noon the Artist Toxic Love

If you are looking for the perfect combination of masculine strength, musical sweetness, and meritorious spice, Noon the Artist is your guy. This soul and hip-hop king has managed to capture the hearts of many with his appealing silvery voice that effortlessly tells the story of hopeless romantic longing for his lover. His lyrical mastery is also off the charts, with many followers citing this as the prime reason they can’t get enough of his music. The expert craftsmanship in his expression and rising number of followers have certainly put the global music community on notice because they are a testament to his trans-generational talent.

The title track from his new contemporary album, “Toxic Love,” is already a fan favorite, with most listeners hailing it as a passionate and pin-point depiction of what it really means to love someone with all you have and all you are. A single listen to this song is enough to drown you in the deep seas of intense and intimate romance from which there is no return. The light symphonic instrumentation that unveils this track perfectly sets the stage for the contrasting resonant voices to find expression. The reverberating sound of the drums is like a choirmaster expertly beckoning his chorale to skillfully negotiate the highs and lows of a melodic masterpiece.

If love was a nation, this song would undoubtedly be her anthem. You will love Noon’s sultry vocal tone because it is overflowing with the desperation of a lover yearning to be smoked through and through with the aroma of romantic devotion.

One of the proofs of lyrical brilliance in this song is how each verse is a hip-hop dialogue while the chorus is a soul monologue. This contrast literally gave me shivers down my spine because I did not believe it was possible to possess such a high degree of musical awareness.

No matter your marital or relationship status, looping “Toxic Love” on your playlist should be a no-brainer. If you are heartbroken, this rich and soothing sound is guaranteed to lift you up from the doldrums of self-pity back to the pedestal of innocent affection. You will also find a place of solace in Noon’s music if you have lost a loved one whose memories you want to jealously cherish and treasure.

The romantic spark in your relationship will definitely get a fresh lease of life as you listen to this musical genius at the peak of his powers.

So then, what are you waiting for? Click on the attached link and let the floodgates of irresistible passion open over your heart. You deserve to be happy.

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