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Esports gamer and gaming influencer Nukiknowws takes over the music scene with a unique medley of rhythm and melody in his “Valkyrie Takeover.”

Epsports gamer and gaming influencer Valkyrie Takeover has built his brand upon his unbridled passion for gaming, establishing himself as a standout gamer online, and gaining a dedicated following through his impressive gaming abilities and ambitious approach to the gaming format. His need to create gaming music was actually inspired by a bet he had with fans on Tumblr Live, with fans challenging him to produce gaming music or quit the next final. Not one to run away from a challenge or back down from a fight, Nukiknowws delved deep into the creative pursuit, and that is how the tracks “Valkyrie Takeover” and “Revenant Death and Destruction” came to be!

To his surprise, these two tracks were well-received and garnered tons of attention in the online world, winning fans and critics alike. After listening to “Valkyrie Takeover” in particular, it makes a lot of sense why these tracks have received unanimous acclaim—this is an impressive blend of rhythm and melody, whose beauty and charm defy imagination.

The keen ear will of course catch the essentially hip-hop-like inspired melodies and rhythms with that cinematic touch. There is just a way the tune ethereally transports its listener to blissful places, and you feel like you are right in the thick of the gaming world. It is such a unique way to blend these two worlds and serve them attractively under one culturally satisfying musical palette.

As the track builds, Nukiknowws unleashes that gaming cinematography that takes the track to a climaxing end and leaves a listener emotionally satisfied in just under 1 minute and 25 seconds. It is just so powerful how such a short version as this can be so satisfying at the same time!

I have no doubt that lovers of the gaming world as well as those who relish instrumental masterpieces will find a common gratifying ground in “Valkyrie Takeover.” To experience this eclectic beauty, follow the attached link and let us know what you think about this product!

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