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New Orleans hip-hop and rap wizard Oculo’s latest release, ‘Feed the Streets vol. 4: Left Hand Path,’ is an anthem of resilience and raw reality!


From the vibrant heart of New Orleans emerges Oculo, a rap artist and producer whose conscious style cuts through the noise with a blend of raw reality and alternative rap. He is an artist that you cannot separate from his art because that would be tantamount to shredding the very essence of him. In an era where authenticity is elusive and many artists copy trends, Oculo prides himself on his originality and knack for exploring uncharted rap territories, creating music that defies easy categorization. As a producer, he showcases peerless craftsmanship by creating captivating beats that speak to the soul even without lyrics. He’s someone who genuinely deserves recognition as he hits hip-hop and rap fanatics, one banger at a time!

His authenticity shines brightest in his latest track, ‘Feed the Streets vol. 4: Left Hand Path,’ featuring fellow emcee Timentes. This track is a masterful blend of mellow yet expressive hip-hop instrumentals, layered with lyrics that delve deep into the life of the streets.

‘Feed the Streets vol. 4: Left Hand Path’ is more than just an infectious banger; it’s a powerful narrative. Oculo and Timentes paint a vivid picture of their experiences, weaving tales of flirting with danger, escaping death, and dodging prison bars. Their verses are not just about survival, but also about the motivation, ambition, and responsibility that these life struggles instill. This is an ode to conquering adversity, a theme that resonates deeply in the realm of trap music.

The beats here are strong and evocative, creating a backdrop that allows the raw honesty of the lyrics to thrive. The instrumental carries a mellow vibe, yet pulses with an intensity that is both soothing and unsettling, drawing listeners into the duality of tranquility and tension.

Moreover, this is a collaborative tour de force, as both Oculo and Timentes bring their own flavor to the narrative. They go beyond just rapping, actually conversing with the listener, sharing their stories with a transparency that is both haunting and inspiring.

This is not just music to nod your head to; it’s a journey into the lives of those who have faced the streets head-on and emerged wiser and more resilient.

‘Feed the Streets vol. 4: Left Hand Path’ is a testament to the power of hip-hop music as a form of storytelling. This is a trap banger with a soul, speaking to the heart and inviting a listener to reflect on their own battles and victories.

With that said, dig into this masterpiece and add it to your playlist. We also strongly advise you to recommend it to a friend or stranger.

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