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Gospel Music Artist, Composer, and Songwriter Odell (Dell) Staggers and The Staggs Renaissance Group (TSRG) Are Set to Release Their New Album, “Restoration”

Odell (Dell) Staggers and The Staggs Renaissance Group (TSRG)’s goal is to create original Christian praise and worship songs that communicate encouraging and uplifting salvation-themed messages. Their objective is to present the truth of biblical scripture and inspire listeners with lyrics that clearly portray Jesus Christ, the wonders of God the Father, and the excitement of the second coming. They hope to inspire people and encourage them to invest more in their relationship with God. Through fervently detailed lyrics, Odell (Dell) Staggers and TSRG’s songwriting encompasses themes of closeness with God, His divine holiness, and His never-ending grace. Drawing on their own journey of truly understanding and accepting grace, they hope for every listener and worshipper to know the depth of God’s goodness towards them and for that reality and truth to set them free!

Odell (Dell) Staggers and The Staggs Renaissance Group (TSRG) have an upcoming project, “Restoration”- an 8-song album that centers on the awe-inspiring power of God and his never-ending grace and graciousness. This is an ode to our God, who is the God of all grace, which is unearned favor. By His grace, He has saved us from the price of our sin, which is eternal death, separated from God in hell. This is possible only through faith in Jesus Christ. By His grace, God has called us to share in His glory in Christ forever.

Enjoy these spirited songs and experience the depths of worship, fellowship, unstoppable testimonies, and victories. Here, you are spoiled for choice, and by the end of your listening experience, you just won’t be the same again. Somebody shout Amen!

“Worship You/Worship Is What I Do” featuring the incredibly gifted female vocalist Veektoriya is the lead single and has already been released, currently boasting over 38K Spotify streams. The gentle and hauntingly beautiful piano, along with the smooth cymbal hits, set the prelude for the song. The mellow melodies provide a captivating backdrop that beautifully complements the singer’s soulful vocals. She immediately encapsulates the track’s thematic essence with that unforgettable chorus: “Lord I worship you in spirit and truth. Lord, I worship you because that’s what I do, Lord I worship you I’ll do what you created me to do.”

Her voice is so pure, and she can convey the song’s emotions perfectly. Around 1:28, the tempo is upped, with the punchy drums fully integrated into the mix. The lead singer’s voice remains expressive and evocative, breathing life into this genuine masterpiece.

“Look at me now” features an electric guitar foundation with the drums, other organs, and piano pulsating with a lively tempo reminiscent of funky soul. The lead female vocalists sing with a full heart, the repeated and catchy phrase “look at me now” reverberating with a haunting and infectious allure. This song explores God’s goodness, graciousness, and the way he continuously prepares tables for us in front of our enemies—those who have continuously doubted us and those who wish us ill. This is a catchy, lively, and infectious soul-funky anthem with subtle rock sensibilities and the best song to sing to at the top of your lungs…I mean, look at you now!

“You Alone” features a smooth piano and cymbal foundation. The lead male vocals gently slide over this dulcet foundation, singing with such heart, proclaiming the power and presence of God and why He alone deserves all honor and praise. As the song progresses, the tempo is controlled and balanced. The backing female vocals create a vocal ensemble with the lead male vocals, making for a soul-stirring listening experience. The message here is fulfilling: no matter where you go, even to the ends of the world, you will find no one like God!

“I Can” is catchy and lively from the start and has an undeniable nostalgic allure. This song feels like the moment when the praise section is about to kick off in church, with everyone pumped up and ready to put on their dancing shoes and let loose. The song’s message is, ‘I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me.’ Such an empowering and meaningful message is packaged nicely over such a lively concoction.

The female singer in the song “Jesus” packs such a powerful punch with her emotive vocals as

she claims that there is something in the name ‘Jesus.’ And when you think about it, there really is something about the name that is so sovereign. The gentle yet powerful production wraps around the lyrics like a warm embrace.

“Greater” unfurls with punchy drums accompanied by the piano, providing a bed of support for the female singer, who sings joyfully and evocatively about the incomparable power of God.

“Remember Me” sees Odell (Dell) Staggers and The Staggs Renaissance Group (TSRG) cry to the Lord to never abandon them because, more often than not, they fall short of His grace and don’t deserve His mercies, but they do need them to be restored to their glories. This is an emotional and powerful piece that finishes this sonically inspiring and uplifting journey that not enough words can really quantify.

“Restoration” will be available for streaming on February 2, 2024.

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