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Authentic Artistic Designer From Israel Or Golan Is Back With Another Powerful Track Titled, “Havagabond”

Or Golan Havagabond

Or Golan is a 24-year-old Israel producer and composer who comes through as the virtuosic creator to look out for as he possesses such depth in creativity and ingenuity that has been enabling him to fashion a very unique style of electronically infused sound that sets him apart from your average producers. His groundbreaking track, “I am Greedy” went on and set the bar very high and remains his most successful single to date as it went on to achieve record sales and massive stream numbers for an independent artist like him. The goal for him is to now set the bar even higher by coming through with other spectacular tunes that will ensure listeners find solace from the sheer amount of emotions his next productions will possess.

He is back with another emotionally moving and cinematic piece dubbed, “Havagabond”- a powerful and touching piece that recounts the tale of an introvert who is really happy and enjoys his own space and the tranquility that his sole presence affords.

“Havagabond” is deep and emotional and beyond the sad theme at its core is a very consistent and hypnotic EDM-infused euphony that will take you all the way from the first note up until the last one. You just have to listen keenly and the emotions will be bouncing off of you in magical ways.

This track epitomizes wizard production expertise and I couldn’t think of a better way to get the day started than on this melodious track that will have you introspecting in your own thoughts.

“Havagabond” is more than guaranteed a place at the top and is the type of song that can be enjoyed by listeners of all ages from wherever they may be.

Get ready to be moved and inspired for “Havagabond” is that type of tune you didn’t know you needed but once it hits your ears, you absolutely want to get lost in it in every way you can!

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