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Oregon-based artist Path To Elda’s latest album, “I Fell Asleep,” is beautifully haunting and introspective.

Path To Elda is the musical project of solo artist Elda Calrissian, based out of Oregon, USA. A Trans woman who has been using her music as a beacon for positivity and identity awareness, she possesses a penchant for storytelling with her authentic, honest, and heartfelt lyrics, taking listeners on a journey through her life experiences. Her powerful voice hits the right notes and infuses her songs with passion and emotion. Her music is an eclectic blend of psychedelic and dream pop, slowcore, indie rock, and shoegaze. Her music is a perfect blend of traditional and modern sounds, sure to capture the hearts of audiences young and old.

Through her music, Path To Elda aims to inspire her listeners to chase their dreams relentlessly, persevere through toughness, accept who they are, accept others as well, and appreciate life’s precious moments.

Her new album, “I Fell Asleep,” is out, and it is a stunning work of beauty guaranteed to leave you emotionally gratified and enthralled in equal measure.

More than the technical dexterity, proficient storytelling, and enchanting vocals, this 7-track collection is a hauntingly prepossessing exploration of emotion and sound and a stunning example of the artist’s ability to weave a complex tapestry of musical styles and genres into an alluring and memorable collection.

This album showcases her willingness to push genre boundaries and explore new sounds, resulting in an innovative and accessible piece of music with deeply meaningful themes about love, politics, self-identity, self-discovery, and resilience at its core.

“Slow Heart” features a mellow yet powerfully laid-back intro and Path To Elda’s captivating vocal performance, with her emotive delivery and impeccable flow accentuate the weight of the lyrics about love. This tune features a chilling soundscape that is the best for relaxing and meditating.

“Two for Days” features a stunning guitar melody, and the singer’s softened vocals and warm rhythm infuse a comforting ambience and immediate urgency, ingratiating themselves with the listener from start to finish. This is one of those memorable performances that leaves an indelible mark on your heart and soul.

“A Messy Reflection” features an inescapable psychedelic and cinematic thrill that’s transcendental and envelops the listener from start to finish, with the hypnotic melody wrapping around them like a warm embrace. This tune grabs the listener from the get-go and refuses to let go until the song is no more, and that is why it is quite addictive. Another thing is that the more you listen to it, the better it feels!

“A Messy State” features political commentary over that progressive blend of drums, guitar, and other percussive instruments. The song “Overton” features such splendid bass playing by professional bass player Jarred Venti, who adds depth and elegance with his virtuosic playing.

There is quite a lot for a music fan to ingest in this sensational album from an artist at the summit of her creative expression.

In summary, “I Fell Asleep” is a spectacular accomplishment that highlights Path To Elda’s talents and solidifies her position as an avant-garde scene artist to watch.

She wrote, produced, mixed, and mastered this album all by herself, which is a huge testament to her all-around artistic brilliance!

With a long career ahead, Path To Elda is poised to take the indie music scene by storm and win over fans worldwide as she invites them to join her on her journey.

“I Fell Asleep” is now streaming on all channels, awaiting your critical acclaim, which it honestly deserves, owing to the showmanship and top-notch performances unleashed.

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