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Atlanta Based Hip Hop Artist Paul Bravos Has a New Inspiring Banger Titled, “Give Praise” Out Now on All Platforms!

Paul Bravos is a swiftly emerging hip-hop artist all the way from East Atlanta in Georgia. He is a very conscious rapper who combines smooth and confident vocals, addicting melodies, intense lyricism, and introspective and educative lyrics to create anthems with hip-hop DNA.  Since he discovered his lifelong addiction to melodies and songwriting, he has never looked back and he is now on a mission to make the best tracks he can while being timeless, quality and most of all impactful so that apart from listeners getting entertained by his genius level of lyrical depth, they can take some real-life lessons home.

He has a very addicting and luxuriously flavored new masterpiece dubbed, “Give Praise.” At its core, is of course a very eye-catching and expressively beautiful cover art that is appropriate for what the track is all about.

“Give Praise” has been stupendously mixed and mastered and the integration of those choir samples over the melodies and lyrics gives it an indescribably tasteful vibe that you simply cannot get enough of. It was a genius play and gives the track a very gratifying sonic variation and depth.

In between those ear-grabbing choir-sounding flavored sections is of course Paul Bravos with his intense lyricism as he delivers a lyrical masterclass that is brimming with motivational bars to inspire any listener who might be feeling a little bruised. Paul comes off as very mature and experienced to give a show-stopping performance that highlights his top lyrical skills and ability to deliver some life-changing lines over a sound that has more often than not been accused of only peddling drug and crime-related topics!

This is of course what Paul Bravos can do and I feel this track is very hypnotic and is felt deep within a listener’s heart and soul (at least that’s how I felt). It is much heightened with spiritual musings and metaphors and the most intriguing hip-hop track I’ve listened to in quite a while, to be honest- I can feel those choir vocals in the background still playing in the back of my mind!

To listen to this original masterpiece; follow the attached link and if you like what you hear, make sure to add it as a favorite and share it with others as well!

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