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Parkersburg based versatile artist Perky Rozay delivers an emotional ballad dubbed “Let You Down” (feat. Genelle).

Perky Rozay has been in the music scene for the past 5 years but only decided to take it seriously in the past year and a half. His “Mixed Emotions” EP is a compilation of the various sounds and styles he has accrued over time, highlighting his range and versatility as an artist. He takes cues from everyday life experiences by tapping into real-life experiences so as to connect with his audiences on a deeper level. Through that seamless blend of hip-hop, R&B, and rap, he is able to birth a version of himself that cannot be compared to anyone else’s, which makes his sound unique and powerful.

A prodigious creative carrying a legacy on his shoulders with every track he creates, his single “Let You Down” featuring Genelle exudes such raw talent, emotional storytelling, and uplifting and cathartic artisanship!

Inspired by his own touching relationship experience, this track comes from a genuine place that breeds an honest set of lyrics. Genelle opens the track with an intimate, emotional, and conversational introduction over a melodic, dulcet piano riff that sets the tone.

As the track builds, the ethereal synth melodies and hard-hitting 808s, accompanied by raw, emotional raps and heart-wrenching hooks, set in, underscoring the theme of Perky Rozay being sorry for letting his lover down and acknowledging that she really deserves better because, in all honesty, she does.

The thumping bass, harmonious piano tones blended with the catchy honest lyrics, and a literally worldly sound, “Let You Down” are effortlessly likable and one that can help your soul find solace when you are in a dark place.

Perky Rozay is swiftly taking over the musical world by storm and has no intention of slowing down, and tracks like “Let You Down” only serve to augment his elevation to international acclaim!

Follow the attached link so as to stream and add “Let You Down” to your library!

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