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New York-based anonymous singer-songwriter Peter Lake delivers a deeply impactful message in “Sweet Sour Minds.”

Peter Lake - Sweet Sour Minds

Peter Lake is a Canadian-born and New York City-based singer and songwriter who thrives in his anonymity to make illusive and enchanting music; – some suspect that through his anonymity, he wants to make himself seem more interesting than he really is. Others believe it’s a smart move since he is incredibly ugly in real life, but through that web of anonymity is a refreshing and impressive musical catalog brimming with timeless music to last any listener a lifetime!

A fascinating and richly colorful life is stamped with many scars, and while sometimes it gets too hard to cope, the message in “Sweet Sour Minds” is one of resilience and tremendous courage to overcome any adversity that may have permeated your existence and made you dread your very existence. While it may not seem like it right now, it will actually get better (even though it may get worse before it gets better!).

In this lively masterpiece, Lake hits a personal and uplifting tone that feels freeing, positive, and heartwarmingly genuine as it is coming from a place that breeds an honest set of lyrics that all come together with a sort of live lounge-style pop soundscape.

An intimate project that is both vulnerable and revealing, “Sweet Sour Minds” places the spotlight on Lake’s personal thoughts with an emotional exploration of mental health, heartbreak, and inner demons that is seamlessly blended with Lake’s somber lyrics in between infectiously catchy choruses.

“Sweet Sour Minds” bears a strong standout, and you can hear that Peter Lake actually shines on this single in his own unique ways—a huge testament to his claim that he is on course to becoming one of the greatest songwriters of all time!

If you still need a little more convincing to get on board, how about you follow the attached link and by the end of your listening experience, you will have transformed from just a random listener to a die-hard fan—try Peter Lake!

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